South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 13 , Apr21260 Most Dynamic A/VProduction Company - Singapore A company dedicated to turning its client’s dreams and ideas into a reality, MJD-Pro Group is an events management agency putting the client first. No matter how big the idea or how grand the vision, whether the specifications and requirements are down to the last detail or there are some details a client is unsure of, MJD-Pro is dedicated to being the company that they can rely on. Foremost, it specialises in the provision of in-house audio and visual production capabilities, offering fully turn-key solutions and event services from the initial concept, right through to management and technical production, making itself a true one-stop-shop. Its core values, therefore, are passion and enthusiasm. Moreover, it approaches clients ready and raring to go with a DIY, punk-rock attitude that gets the momentum going on any project, turning it into a labour of love for everyone involved both internally and in the client’s team. MJD- Pro works with its heart on its sleeve across every aspect of its operation; in such a tough line of work, with long hours, hard work, and a requirement for a person to have a lot of fire within them in order to make it, it finds this is the most fundamental beating heart of everything it does. Its clients have grown to appreciate this massively – and it lives for seeing their satisfaction after every successful job. Above all else, MJD-Pro seeks to foster a strong relationship of trust and mutual respect between itself and the client. ‘Treat the client as your own’ is its core methodology, and in this way, it will always ensure that it is looking out for them and listening to their hopes, requirements, and needs when it comes to the services they would like to see be made reality. This, according to MJD-Pro, is something akin to Lilo and Stitch’s moral of ‘Ohana meaning family’ – each client becomes a part of the MJD-Pro family and benefits from the company’s voracious desire to see them succeed. MJD-Pro’s drive, ambition, determination, and exemplary track record for keeping the word ‘impossible’ nowhere near its vocabulary has made it a darling of its industry, one that dispenses any additional advice that a client might need even if the client eventually ends up going elsewhere for the end solution. Currently, MJD-Pro is based in Singapore, and the challenges it faces there are shared with many other companies like it. Alongside the benefits of the region, it unfortunately comes part and parcel with high living costs and larger expenses, but MJD-Pro strives to use the negative as a chance to adapt and focus on the positives. With any client, partner, or friend, MJD-Pro is merely a phone call away and always happy to help, with each member of its team contributing their own unique flair and perspective, each taking on the role that suits them best – kind of like ‘a soccer team’. In this way, the MJD-Pro family works seamlessly together to provide invaluable contributions to creating the best and most original audio and visual solutions available in its region. Furthermore, despite the initial challenges of COVID-19 pushing all services to go remote, MJD- Pro adapted seamlessly and with sophistication to be able to do more filming and pre-recording jobs, allowing it to work in a safer and more controllable manner; that being said, the team is also excited for live events to return soon. As they prepare for an assuredly bright future, they’re looking forward to soon releasing their first extended reality studio, as well as the release of their current film projects. All in all, exciting times ahead! Company: MJD-Pro Group Pte. Ltd Contact: Eng Han Website: MJD-Pro Group is an event management agency within house audio-visual solutions company that thinks of itself more as a family. Working with punk-rock flair, can-do attitudes, and a dedication that is unmatched amongst its competition, it takes pride in being able tomake its client’s dreams a reality, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and always looking forward to the next challenge.