South East Asia Awards 2021

12 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best International and Lifestyle Brand - Singapore Apr21257 With a worldwide network of beautiful, extraordinary venues offering amazing experiences across a wide market segment, Karma Group has established itself as a standout voice in the industry. Nestled in beautiful locations and with a wide range of excursions available, it is proficient in the service of its diverse international clientele. The Karma Group is a travel company offering the experience to embark on the worldwide travel of its client’s dreams. Working hard to create idyllic, luxurious resorts that reflect the stunning environments and countries they are based in, Karma Group’s holiday resorts and hotel venues are outstanding both in their looks and their quality, and its Royal brand is a particularly exemplary example of this. Fundamentally, the hospitality brand is a company registered in Singapore, a leading network that has properties in Australia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand and the UK, providing award winning international travel and lifestyle experiences, creating memories that last a lifetime and have clients coming back to Karma Group time and time again. As well as boasting brilliant venues, the Group is geared towards going above and beyond the customer’s needs, with curated and exclusive entertainment across the locations. These can be exciting, calming, social, or private, allowing it to serve a vast and diverse market segment of discerning customers – it promises that even those with the strictest of requirements will be able to find something they love. From spa trips in blissful solace, to beach parties where everyone is worth talking to, and historical hotels with pasts that will entrance and inspire the minds of those who stay there, it understands that the destination is just a part of the journey. What truly makes it memorable, is the experience. Consequentially, the Group takes great pride in being able to take good care of its clients from the very beginning of their Karma journey right through until they step off the plane after their adventure. Whether the client is by themselves, with friends, with family, or even with co-workers, Karma Group promises to deliver a time that will remain with them for years and that they will come away with stories to wow everyone back home with, available at its resorts, retreats, estates, beach, spa and boutique. Karma Group resorts incorporate all manner of venues from a boat lagoon with an idyllic marina to a colonial style setting just a few minutes from a beautiful sandy beach. Each destination also boasts a myriad of excursions such as swimming with dolphins, weddings, ski getaways, and honeymooning. Created by British-born innovator and business mind John Spence, his vision of ingenuity within the leisure and hospitality industry is one that remains at the core of Karma Group to this day; the creation of holistic, connected, community based 5-star hotels that offer luxury and adventure in the same place. Thus, its beach parties are world-class and one of the most sought after experiences available at its venues; its cocktails have been designed by Australia’s most esteemed mixologist; and its spa treatments are developed by wellness experts and healers whose services are unrivalled. In addition, the food is outstanding, with all produce sourced ethically and locally in order to give all of its dishes a uniquely fresh flavour that is brought out by the most skilled chefs in the local region. Moreover, Karma Group’s fine dining experiences are enhanced by the Group’s collaboration with some of the world’s leading winemakers, distillers and brewers, a project initiated by John Spence in 2016 as part of an ambition to make an impact in the beverage industry too. Indeed, growth has been a consistent attribute of Karma Group since its inception, with new resorts and services being announced on a regular basis. From the addition of the opulent Karma Seven Lakes in India’s romantic Udaipur and the historic Karma Salford Hall, formally owned by King Henry VIII in the English countryside to its portfolio of resorts, to its private members’ club and exclusive services for existing Karma Group members launched in 2021, Karma Group is consistently growing and evolving. Consequently, Karma Group has earned itself significant recognition – both from peers and its market segment – as an international household name. It will continually be bettering this reputation long into the future, excited to be welcoming travellers back with open arms as Covid-19’s grip on the travel industry eases. As part of its worldwide philanthropic initiatives that include supporting disadvantaged children and spearheading sponsorship programmes, Karma Group has also provided invaluable support in the Balinese vaccination programme and to the UK’s frontline healthcare workers. With these efforts and its unwavering commitment to memories that last a lifetime, Karma Group is paving the way for the global tourism industry to achieve a full recovery that ensures guests from all over the world can once again get back to discovering this beautiful planet of ours. Company: Karma Group Contact: Clinton Albuquerque Website: