South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 11 , Apr21256 Best Upcoming Marine Services Provider - Malaysia APMerin Services Sdn Bhd is a company developing a wide range of support systems for the maritime industry, primarily for ship owners and shipmanagement. Its work has become widely known in its region for being cost effective, timely, and of excellent quality, something that has set it on a trajectory to international renown and further success. A specialist in the provision of various services to the industries of commercial shipping, oil, and gas – namely main fleet vessels, support vessels and rigs also for the clients within those sectors – AP Merin Services Sdn Bhd has made a name for itself over the years it has been in operation. It is a company led by a UK registered professional Chief Marine Engineer with over 20 years of experience, lending it the credibility it needs in an industry based on the efficacy of reliability of companies’ work. In tandem with both of these elements of its business, it is also fuelled by the core values that make up the heart of its business; firstly, AP Merin believes in being forward thinking, provocative and innovative in its solutions. Secondly, it takes its customer service very seriously, continually looking to prove its efficacy to its clients by serving them competently, courteously, and effectively, able to adapt to any request. It also champions the values of integrity, excellence, and engagement. Fundamentally, AP Merin seeks to be the company that can carry out all of the services it offers its clients to the highest levels of responsibility and accountability, always delivering the highest value and quality in order to forge strong, long-lasting bonds with its clients. AP Merin’s vision, therefore, can be boiled down to the goal of being recognised for this work – efforts that are well on their way to making it the preferred maritime service provider in shipping services and engineering support. In tandem with this, its mission is something that it has defined well and been working towards since its founding. Nominally, AP Merin makes itself an invaluable partner to the industries in which it works, excellent at the provision of maritime management services and solutions that its clients can rely on time and time again. This is something that AP Merin held to even throughout the onset of Covid-19. During the outbreak, the Malaysian Government instigated a national lockdown from the 18th of March 2020 with the issue of a movement of control order, one that extended to April of 2021; thus, a pivot had to occur within the transport and goods services, and AP Merin joined in with this adaptation in order to convert their services to work from home and fully remote. This has been massively successful for the company, allowing it to continue the operation of its marine supply chain. AP Merin’s work has also allowed it to stand head and shoulders above its competition with extraordinary service, a dedication to ‘doing business differently’, and creating a powerful offer with a guarantee that the client will find their services meet and exceed expectations. Therefore, a client can expect an exemplary experience delivered by an outstanding team. This is because internally, AP Merin champions a workplace that mitigates unnecessary stress, focuses on collaboration, and increases job satisfaction, allowing it to cultivate a healthy professional environment that its staff can extend out to its clients. As the industry adapts to and recovers from the impact of Covid-19, over the past year or so, AP Merin – a company forever with a finger on the pulse of its industry – has noted the increase in use of Enterprise Resource Planning. Helpfully, this allows the streamlining of processes and information across the board and is growing in popularity; in response, AP Merin’s management is dedicated to being aware of and adapting around whichever type of system a business has, whether it’s ERP or individual systems. As it looks towards the future of its business and industry both, it looks forward to expanding itself into the one stop centre for marine solutions in South East Asia, forever striving towards establishing an international network that will better the efficiency, quality, and fairness of businesses across the world. Company: AP Merin Services Sdn Bhd Contact: Surendaran Arumanathan MSc, IEng, IMarEng, MIMarEST Web: