2020 SEAsia Business Awards

8 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 9 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , May20179 Best Custom Hair Replacement Specialists 2020 Bringing hair solutions fromSingapore to the world, iAremyhair by JPG Enterprise Pte Ltd is a specialised hair centre that provides top quality, custom-made, non-surgical hair replacement systems for men and women across Asia and beyond its borders. Having been in operation for more than fifteen years, it is little surprise that the firmhas been recognised for its specialisms in the field, and we now take a closer look following its success in this years’ South East Asia Business Awards, in APAC Insider. Hairstyling may not be an industry that immediately comes to mind when thinking about technological innovation, but one business in South East Asia has mastered the art of using the latest technology to help clients with all their hair needs. As a fully integrated hair centre, iAremyhair specializes in hair replacement systems for both balding men and women, as well as treatments for thinning and damaged hair. Based and registered in Singapore, iAremyhair uses the latest technology in the business to ensure that any hair replacement systems and services are done so with complete discretion, as well as guaranteeing long-lasting and undetectable results. Whether a client is in need of a basic haircut, a complex hair colouring, or an innovative hair replacement system, iAremyhair is the perfect choice to do it. As a Singapore-based company, the product development, marketing, and sales operations of iAremyhair happen in Singapore, with products being manufactured through joint ventures with companies in the United States, China, Indonesia, and South Korea. Over the last fifteen years, the hair centre has set the standard for hair replacement systems companies in Singapore and beyond through determination, hard work, and dedication to the philosophy that everyone has the right to information and means for achieving a full head of hair. Since its foundation, iAremyhair is proud to have been able to bring its distinctive products and services to clients as far flung as Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and Shanghai. There is nothing worse than having an aesthetics-based treatment, and leaving with results that clearly and visibly show that work has been done. The very purpose of such work is to achieve a natural look, and anything contrary can leave clients feeling understandably worried or shaken. At iAremyhair, the highly trained and certified hair stylists operate with the philosophy that every customer should walk out of the store completely and totally happy with the results, and make sure that the hair replacement system is wholly undetectable. In order to achieve this level of result for the client, the products that iAremyhair uses are amongst the very best, (sourced from around the world). Ultimately, every service and every treatment is undertaken with the utmost care to ensure that the client who is wearing the hair replacement system for a longer period can do so with complete peace and in total comfort. In Singapore, when people are facing balding or baldness issues, they would naturally search for hair growth treatments, transplants, and wigs, and the older generation still believe in some of the traditional Chinese medicinal cures for hair loss. Truth be told, there is no cure for it. Hair transplants have been shown to actually have very severe side effects, costly ramifications, and painful and unsatisfactory results over a long period of time (that may leave scars for life). Some of those treatments, like traditional Chinese treatments, cannot even guarantee results, no matter how painful. However, at iAremyhair, clients can see instant results and walk out of the store with their confidence rediscovered after just one session with the highly trained staff members. Completely removing the need for surgery, risk, and side effects, these innovative treatments are the perfect way to get back that beautiful and natural-looking hair. A key part of the service that iAremyhair offers, and a crucial part of what makes it so unique within the industry, is the affordability and honesty of the staff. The ever-professional consultants never push for new clients to purchase packages, especially if they are new to the world of hair replacement systems. In fact, the staff actively discourage it for the clients’ benefit. Wearing a hair replacement system for the first time will inevitably take some getting used to, and there is no point signing up for a package if it later transpires that the client is uncomfortable with their current hair replacement system. Instead, iAremyhair offers a one-time special price to newcomers to help ensure that they do not feel the pinch if they decide not to wear the hair replacement system anymore. All prices are affordable and transparent for the client, and with most of the stylists working at iAremyhair having on average at least eight years of experience, every client is guaranteed to walk out of the store feeling both happy and confident. The staff are also a key part to helping clients achieve that feeling of happiness, self-worth, and self-confidence with their new look. Everybody, from the director down, takes a hands-on approach and always make it a point to connect with as many clients as possible in order to make the client feel at ease. Even the director himself is a wearer of a hair replacement system, and his enthusiasm to connect with clients is infectious. This personal touch lets clients know that the director himself understands what they are going through, and the customer service starts right from the top of the organization. Being a friend and listening to what the client is going through is vastly more important for the team at iAremyhair than being a seller, and that is what continues to separate this outstanding hair centre from its competitors both domestically and internationally. Much like many other industries in the world, hairstyling and hair replacement experiences various prevalent trends, and companies such as iAremyhair must adapt to stay relevant to its clients. Everywhere around the world, online shopping has become a norm for so many people. With this growth in the online retail arena, online iAremyhair Yao Wen Long Singapore celebrity Brand ambassador

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