2020 SEAsia Business Awards

4 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 5 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , May20100 Best SE Asia Political Consultancy 2020 There’s nothing quite like the tricky world of politics. In a constantly evolving, everchanging world, it pays to employ an organisation that has your back. The teamat Pereira International Pte. Ltd are committed to advising clients on the best way forward in Southeast Asia. Drawing on enormous skill, they have had an incredible impact in the private and public sector. In this special edition of APAC Insider, we delve more deeply into the firm to find out more. Based in Singapore, the team at Pereira International have a great wealth of expertise to share with others. Helping clients to get to grips with a part of the world that they are unfamiliar with, the team have made themselves invaluable to many companies, corporations, individuals and even governments. The in-depth knowledge held by the team at Pereira International has been vital to developing business across the region. Many of the clients who they work for are determined to further their interests, but have little understanding of the complex political, economic and social environment. What Pereira International are able to offer these clients is a perspective that plugs them into key national, regional and global developments. In this way, the team are able to conceptualise, develop and implement new and exciting strategies of political branding and promotion that benefit all. The team offers a wide range of services, often taking on many different tasks for a client. The range is exceptional, from rigorous research-based analysis, to relationship-building with key stakeholders, to creating a resilient media image through strategic communications. The team are experienced in the charting out of short-term, mid-term and long-term roadmaps that are specifically designed to allow clients to meet a strategic objective in a certain amount of time. As Pereira International serves a wide array of clients, they all require bespoke advice to suit their particular ambitions. Those who are specialised in political consultancy will generally find the advice they give revolves around navigating the complex political terrain, handling the harsh realities of the ground and working out damage control in the worst-case scenario. Investors wishing to further understand what strategies work in Southeast Asia receive similar help, not only with policies and practices, but with the cultural norms and sensitivities and the risks that are characteristic of the region. Much of the work that the team at Pereira International does revolves around the holistic needs of the client, and how best to meet these in the long-term as opposed to short-lived success. This is why the team operate specifically in Southeast Asia, as businesses must adapt to suit the business model of another country. In terms of the results, the team work tirelessly to ensure that clients get the best possible help. The high standards that are encouraged mean that no work is allowed to fall short, and that clients are always satisfied with the work undertaken. To the team at Pereira International, satisfied clients is incredibly important. Much of their business has come from recommendations, with word of mouth being the most effective communicating tool in corridors of corporate and political power. One of the many advantages of working with Pereira International is the in-depth knowledge they have of the region. Currently, Chine and Asia are seen as the rising giants of the Asian world, but the ten members that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) constitute a region marked by the productive energies of more than 647 million inhabitants. With Indonesia the largest country in the region by size, population and economy, there are many businesses who could benefit from investing in this area. It is not only a lynchpin within ASEAN, but the region’s public face to the world. Needless to say, the collaboration that has come from the decision to work together has reaped several rewards already. While one of the challenges of Indonesia specifically has been understanding how the different parts of this immense archipelago functions, within that difficulty comes a great deal of opportunity too. Already, the work of ASEAN has encouraged the different countries to think and act as a single market rather than a conglomeration of ten. As consolidation occurs over time, ASEAN will grow into a force to be reckoned with. In many ways, this is the ideal time to employ the services of an organisation like Pereira International. A steady move towards political liberalisation means that new areas for engagement and fresh prospects for international collaborations are approaching rapidly. In the long-term, employing the services of this exceptional political agency could make immense returns. With the help of a group like Pereira International, clients could make a real difference in this exciting part of the world. They have already made a great impact, providing aspiring political leaders with a comprehensive campaign strategy. This includes managing media, messaging, image-building and branding in such a way as to guarantee success. Of course, the team have proven themselves incredibly versatile, applying themselves across the different aspects of the political system. It’s a talented mix of analysis, lobbyists and strategists that drive the business forward, with experts in digital and social media as well as market access providing their own specific insight. Each of these different parts of the company provides a unique consulting perspective that, when combined with the others, can revolutionise a campaign. The team of analysts specialise in specific fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge not only about different countries but the way in which these countries interact. Using close contacts with government officials, corporate high-fliers and researchers in think-tanks, these people are able to make accurate predictions into the actions of a country. It goes without saying that this first-hand information bolsters the official documents, research papers and articles that form the factual heart of the company. The ability to work not only quickly, but Pereira International Pte. Ltd