2020 SEAsia Business Awards

36 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , Subscribe to APAC magazine Subscribe here www.apac-insider.com/subscribe A nsider ac Based in Malaysia, SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd has been the premier provider of agricultural tools for more than fifty years. They carry every item that could possibly be required, building up loyal relationships with customers that are still going strong today. The secret to the team’s success lies with the exceptional quality of the tools that are on offer. Quality is the order of the day, with those involved in making items highly experienced and using only the finest materials. Imported high-grade spring steel from Japan or Germany is used throughout the manufacturing process, with all of the company’s harvesting tools undergoing a sophisticated system of heat treatment to make the metal more resilient. South East Asia has always been a competitive region for harvesting tools, with many farming communities to sell to. The deliberate decision to use only the best quality throughout has kept the company strong. Customers feel comfortable that they are getting what they pay for, and this gives the team an incredible advantage over the competition. Another way in which SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd appeals to customers is in its after-sales service. No customer is left with a product they aren’t satisfied with. While the business has achieved incredible success, there are still plans for expansion underway. Currently, the success of SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd has encouraged the management team to expand the production line. To allow for increased capacity, the business intends to invest in new technologies and machinery. In the Best Plantation Harvesting Hardware Manufacturer - Malaysia A poor workmanmight blame their tools, but good craftsmanship can save a great deal of time andmoney at a busy time of year. For those in harvesting, SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd is the ideal place to go for the best hardware. Having supplied people for over half a century, we turn to this firm in this special issue of APAC Insider to find out more. May20183 SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd Company: SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd Contact: Shawn Nui Zhi Hao Web Address: www.SBLsinbanlee.com long run, the result will be reduced costs for the customers but at the same incredible quality that they have become accustomed to. This decision is matched by the industry at large. Many within the tool manufacturing sector have seen that high efficiency and consistent quality tools will sell more easily than low quality items. All decisions that are made by the business revolve around the need to ensure that the firm’s ability to deliver exceptional tools is not compromised. With plans already in hand to draw on more machinery and increased automation, it will be of little surprise to see that the team would like to expand their field of influence beyond Malaysia. Currently, the marketing team is exploring the various options that are available in other countries. The company already exports to export to other oversea countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Papua New Guinea as well as Latin America. The marketing team are currently looking towards Latin America and South Africa for potential expansion of SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd. This approach of thinking globally will only go on to benefit the team as a whole. In all, the success of SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd is a credit to the team’s commitment to high quality in every respect. It is the reason that the firm has been able to endure for such a long time, and the reason why it will continue to endure for years to come. Company: SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd Contact: Shawn Nui Zhi Hao Web Address: www.SBLsinbanlee.com

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