2020 SEAsia Business Awards

32 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 33 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , Established in 2000, Strapex International has grown from humble beginnings into an international organisation. Headquartered in Singapore with branch offices in China and Canada, the team have been able to make some amazing achievements in short order. Trading mainly in textiles, the firm has managed to maintain an incredible rate of growth. Their products have become renowned for their fine quality in every aspect. The firm is able to produce anything from formalwear to tracksuits to kids clothing without difficulty, adapting to suit the latest styles and trends across the world. The company has been trading across South East Asia, China and India and sending products to eighteen countries in Africa. The team has made trade across borders their priority, selling from Africa to Vietnam and from North America through to Thailand and China. With such strong trade routes that reflect the needs of the people in these countries, it’s no surprise that the business has been able to survive properly for the last two decades. This has been achieved through careful examination of the overheads, noting the importance of what a client needs and adapting to better suit them. The result has been strong relationships with a bond of trust. Word of mouth is responsible for much of the company’s growth, with their handiwork present on every order. It’s a mark of quality that elevates a product’s standing in the market. As the team has spread its products into new regions, the reputation that has come with them has also increased. What began as a small family business that specialised in the manufacturing of coffee powder has grown exponentially over the years to become a familiar name for many coffee drinkers in Malaysia. Founder Mr Goh Tong Tor saw Kluang Coffee Powder Factory expand in many different ways and was able to see the second and third generations of his family become the leaders of the firm. Currently managed by second generation Mr Goh Tian Hock and third generation Mr Goh Yong Kian, the coffee powder manufacturing firm has continued to grow. Whilst brainstorming on branding for the products that the firm was producing, Mr Goh Tong Tor saw an opportunity. Whilst televisions bring people together for the latest news and entertainment, they do so in ways that bring people closer and communities more integrated with one another. It was also prestigious for a family to own a television back in 1960s Malaysia, and thus, the branding was born. Prestige-quality coffee, that brings families and communities closer together when enjoying a cup. Kluang Coffee Powder Factory started off by supplying to local coffee shops in and around the Kluang district. As word spread of a prestige- level coffee powder being produced in the region, it brought with it an increasing number of requests and demands from home consumers. To cater for this demand, Kluang Coffee Powder Factory introduced various types of packaging, and supplied them to retailers in order to better serve the market needs. Today, that mission has not changed. The whole team at Kluang Coffee Powder Factory remains wholly committed to using ingredients of the highest quality, coupled with a special roasting technique and 3 Bean Recipe to produce coffee that is rich in both taste and aroma. In all of its products, Kluang Coffee Powder Factory strives to only use the finest ingredients and coffee beans from the local region in Kluang. Small plantations are concentrated around the northern part of Kluang, and the manufacturing plant uses Liberica coffee beans obtained from there. On top of that, the firm also uses the Robusta coffee beans which are imported from Indonesia, and Arabica coffee beans that are imported from South America. To ensure that the coffee can be enjoyed by everyone throughout the town, region, and country, Kluang Coffee Powder Factory has taken steps to become halal-certified and has achieved the MeSTI qualification from the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. For those who wish to see how the coffee is produced, Kluang Coffee Powder Factory also opened its doors to visitors from all over in recent years, and subsequently became one of the favourite tourist hotspots in Kluang, recognised by Tourism Johor. Over the years, Kluang Coffee Powder Factory has grown from strength to strength and has built a strong presence in Malaysia by supplying more than a thousand coffee shops and retailers throughout Best Garment Accessories Import/Export Services Provider 2020 Best Coffee Wholesaler 2020 To achieve the ultimate business success, understanding the demands of the market is crucial. This approach has been key to the success of Strapex International Pte. Ltd., as the teamhas transformed their company froma start-up in a small home to an annual turnover of over eight figures. We charted some of the path that the teamhas taken in the search for success. Located in the small town of Kluang, in the Johor region of Malaysia, Kluang Coffee Powder Factory Sdn. Bhd. is an outstanding example of a family business that has persevered over decades to become a force for good. Founded by the lateMr Goh Tong Tor in 1966, discover why this firm is still achieving great things today, nearly fifty-five years later. May20158 Jun20194 Strapex International Pte. Ltd. Kluang Coffee Powder Factory Sdn. Bhd. Company: Strapex International Pte. Ltd. Contact: Ashim Saha Web Address: www.strapexint.com Company: Kluang Coffee Powder Factory Sdn. Bhd. Contact: Goh Yong Kian Website: http://www.kluangcoffee.com.my/ The team have not just expanded their geographic market, they have also taken the opportunity to grow into new areas. Alongside the strong textiles trade, the Strapex International brand of condensed milk and evaporated milk, known as VEDA, has become incredibly popular. This is a result of knowing the market need and working hard to meet it. Recently, the team have explored expanding some of their popular lines into new territories. Brands such as Old Chang Kee are set to become mainstays in Vietnam and India, with a new branch office opening in Vietnam to cover Cambodia and Laos. The ability of the team to expand in this way in a credit to their continued success as a business. Financially, the firm is in an excellent position, with the aforementioned eight figure turnover just one of many things to commend the team. Growth of 20%-30% is the norm because of the hard work and dedication that has gone into making the business a success. Looking forward, Strapex International intends to expand into North America, with the intent being to establish a base in Canada. This would allow the team the opportunity to sell their products in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Having established a philosophy of building up a strong relationship that prioritises a long-term approach, it’s clear that this has allowed the company to achieve wherever in the world it goes. The success of Strapex International has come from its ability to adapt to the needs of its clients. Knowing the market is key, especially when it comes to items like clothing and garments, and the team have managed to leverage their impressive knowledge to make their business a global success story. the entirety of the country. Looking to the future, this once-small family business aims to set foot on the global stage and strive towards making sure that everyone in the world has the chance to experience a cup of Kluang’s finest coffee available. Selling internationally is no small feat but guided by the precedent set by Mr Goh Tong Tor, there is no doubt that Mr Goh Tian Hock and Mr Goh Yong Kian will continue to take Kluang Coffee Powder Factory to new levels of success on the global stage.

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