2020 SEAsia Business Awards

28 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 29 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , Established in 2001, NEIGHBOR is an award-winning integrated creative agency which is on a mission to work closely alongside niche clients to create unique brand experience, as well as project the desirability of products and services to the intended audience. Today, the firm boasts an impressive diverse clientele which ranges from SMEs to established MNCs, as well as global luxury brands in industries such as hospitality, technology, F&B and finance to name but a few. While the core services the firm provide are primarily within branding, design consultancy and advertising, NEIGHBOR’s speciality lies in the seamless integration of these services to offer clients goal-oriented solutions and in a proficient manner that is compelling and one that stands the test of time. The reason for this is that it allows the team to work across the board to detect and advise on areas which require improvement during the course of brand development for a clients’ business. This holistic approach NEIGHBOR provides ensures that the processes and solutions are efficient, cost-effective and, most importantly, meet creative and strategic business objectives. As mentioned, NEIGHBOR primarily provides services in certain areas of the creative field, this is because of the longstanding experience and expertise the team has in branding, design, advertising and strategic consultation. In turn, the firm’s extraordinary level of expertise in integrating these four specialist areas is their strongest selling point. After nearly dying in his sleep at aged twenty, Lee McKing then developed post-traumatic stress disorder, and fell into a depression from which he suffered for a few years. However, refusing to be beaten by this ordeal, Mr McKing learned neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis in a bid to heal himself from these mental health issues. After realizing its exceptional potential to help people, Mr McKing then founded his hypnotherapy firm in 2015. Five years on, the practice now mainly focuses on conversational hypnosis for one-to-one consultation and hypnosis sessions, to help people more effectively. He also offers public workshops for companies and schools to raise awareness about the mind and how it can benefit people by looking after it. Whilst most clients do turn to Mr McKing for mental health issues, his service is open to anyone, whether they be struggling with issues pertaining to relationships, careers, money, or family life. Having healed himself through NLP and hypnosis, Mr McKing knew exactly what he had to do with his life. He set about helping other people with similar mental health problems, knowing full well that he had literally been there, and done that. That sense of understanding is crucial to what Mr McKing does, whilst his other personal life experiences also keep him professional, caring, and always wanting the best for his clients. Conversational hypnosis is a relatively new concept in Singapore, which is also why Mr McKing makes sure that each and every client knows exactly what it is about, how it works, and to some extent, what might happen under hypnosis. If the client wants to be helped, Mr McKing will always do his best to make that a reality. Following some early resistance to his hypnosis practice, Mr McKing eventually began to see opportunities arise and present themselves to him. Singapore is akin to a hub of the business world, and with that come many different individuals from across the planet who may require the services of a hypnotist. Clients that Mr McKing has seen have come from Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, and the Philippines, as well as further afield places such as Scotland, Ireland, the United States, and Australia to name but a few. Some clients may have flown to Singapore for business trips or holidays, whilst others may have heard about Mr McKing by word of mouth and can benefit from a Skype or Zoom session of hypnosis at their leisure. The impact of Mr McKing’s hypnotherapy is so powerful that some of his clients have been asking him to create a course of hypnotherapy, in order for them to then go on and help people in their own way. With such queries to develop such a course, Mr McKing is developing plans for a self-hypnosis course. Not content to stop there either, Advertising Agency of the Year 2020 - Singapore Hypnotist of the Year 2020 (Singapore): Lee McKing With over three decades of industry experience, NEIGHBOR is formed of a teamof Branding, Advertising and Design professionals, who have accumulated a group of reputable clientele is a testimonial of their extraordinary track record. With a portfolio full to the brimof success projects, and endless dazzling testimonials from clients, we decided to profile this award- winningmulti-skilled agency to find out more. Hypnotherapy can be an incredibly useful tool in helping people resolve issues of mental health such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. In Singapore, LeeMcKing employs his professional understanding of the mind and knowledge of hypnosis to help people in just that way through his firmLeeMcKing Hypnotherapy Pte Ltd. To find out how this man has been named Hypnotist of the Year 2020 (Singapore), we profile his life and work. May20184 May20135 NEIGHBOR LeeMcKing Hypnotherapy Pte Ltd Contact: Shaun Sho Company: NEIGHBOR Address: 63A Temple Street, Singapore 058608, Singapore Telephone: +65 6327 4668 Web Address: www.neighbor.com.sg Company: Lee McKing Hypnotherapy Pte Ltd Contact: Lee McKing Website: www.leemcking.sg Facebook & Instagram: Lee McKing The Hypnotist It is a rarity that each area works on its own, as a branding project requires a competent level of design experience and strategic know-hows. Similar to this, an advertisement needs to take into consideration a company’s brand DNA. By having one branding agency handle all of these fields holistically, it can be done more effectively and efficiently than hiring an agency for each individual field. As a well-established multi-skilled agency, NEIGHBOR is able to effortlessly execute a simple piece of design work and up to creating a global brand and launching this brand. The firm’s success is evident in their past works and countless awards, which are a testament to their outstanding quality and effectiveness of their service. In summary, NEIGHBOR has covered all grounds when they present themselves to potential clients as the best possible option. Recently forming a consortium of different specialist companies across countries, aptly named Compendium, the team at NEIGHBOR combine their expertise and resources with one another when necessary. With many projects having evolving needs, it empowers the team to take on ventures that go beyond the capabilities of a boutique agency. For example, NEIGHBOR was recently approached by a hotel conglomerate to create a new ultra-luxury global brand from the ground-up, including launching and marketing it worldwide. The firm’s Compendium of like-minded partners in architecture, interior design, materials specialists, public relations, social media, to name but a few were brought into the piece to put together an all-encompassing and seamless proposal. Alongside helping to build a new brand, the NEIGHBOR team are also seeking to diversify their business in a manner that will enable them to improve their design and creative experience. Hopefully, in the years to come, this will create partnerships for the firm with their clients on such endeavours. Looking ahead to what the future has in store for this award-winning business, NEIGHBOR is aiming to collaborate with industries to create category-defying pieces of work. As an agency, the firm still continue to carve their niche as creative strategists for retail and lifestyle industries. A title the team at NEIGHBOR will work tirelessly to retain going forward. this outstanding hypnotherapist is planning even bigger things with audio products that will be aimed at reducing anxiety or building up confidence. As with any major decision however, the timing for market entry is absolutely imperative, and clients can rest assured that Mr McKing will make sure everything is as perfect as it can be. With a stigma still permeating the Asian way of thinking around mental health, the acceptance and openness to talk about mental health is not quite at the level that Mr McKing is hoping for just yet. The idea that issues of anxiety and depression can be resolved effectively using hypnosis is not yet widely known in Asia, but one that Mr McKing is working hard to bring to attention. If people can consider that these issues can be understood and resolved, this exceptional hypnotist may yet change the face of mental healthcare across Singapore and Asia as we know it.

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