2020 SEAsia Business Awards

26 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 27 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , A decade ago, Amir Khusyairi & Associates came into being with the aim of helping small and medium-sized businesses as they looked to grow and expand beyond their current size. However, businesspeople often require the services of business lawyers to successfully navigate the increasingly complex world of corporate business. The last ten years have seen Amir Khusyairi & Associates become the perfect firm of business lawyers for business-focused individuals. Each partner in the business specializes in a different area of the law, including business and commercial law, estate management law, and criminal law. Such is the extent of knowledge that the firm offers, that these three areas are the areas of law that it has excelled in to the point of award-winning success with APAC Insider. When its clients and businesses grow, so too does the success of Amir Khusyairi & Associates. Businesses, especially those working as small or medium-sized businesses or enterprise, are often unaware of the importance of legal advice in the world of work. Unfortunately, most only realize the necessity for legal advice once they get into problems and a legal mess has already been made. The biggest challenge that the team at Amir Khusyairi & Associates has found since growing into such an exceptional law firm is legal education, though this is a challenge that the team relishes and faces head on every single day. One of the firm’s partners, Nik Erman, has given legal education to various industries, including dental practices, land surveyors, contractors, and business owners in general. Lack of business legal knowledge is a challenge, but presents itself as an opportunity for the firm to explore a large and relatively untapped market of potential. Standing out in the legal field can be hard, but Amir Khusyairi & Associates achieves it by following three simple, yet massively effective, unique selling points that it offers to clients. Firstly, it has a standard operating procedure that the firm replies to all clients and potential clients within 24 hours, no matter the nature of the concern, query, or request. Once a case has been undertaken, the second and third unique selling points come into effect. Secondly, the legal advice takes into consideration the commercial needs of the client, not just any personal needs or preferences; the business is vitally important. In a world of vastly diverse talent and skills, Alexander Mann Solutions seeks to provide unrivalled experience, capability, and thought leadership to help clients attract, engage, and retain the talent they need for business success. Today, over 4,500 of its talent acquisition and management experts partner with more than one hundred blue-chip organizations, operating in forty languages and over ninety countries. Those experts deliver a distinctive blend of outsourcing solutions and – through Talent Collective – a full range of consulting and specialist services. Though this a challenging and changing economy like never before, Alexander Mann Solutions understands the importance of remaining focused with its vision and objectives moving forward. The vision at Alexander Mann Solutions is to enable people and organizations to fulfil their potential through talent acquisition and management globally. Everybody, from the people and the partners, to the clients, candidates, and communities in which the firm works, makes it happen at Alexander Mann Solutions. To make sure everybody knows how to make it happen, the objective are kept simple but effective: to provide exquisite client delivery and experience, whilst helping those clients to delight their candidates, and inspire and engage with current staff members. One of the key differentiators between Alexander Mann Solutions and its competitors is the people that make the firm work. At Alexander Mann Solutions, people are the foundation of every success that has been achieved thus far. Teams work collaboratively to connect and communicate in the production of work that is authentic, distinctive, passionate, and exciting for clients to look at. This means innovative sourcing, as teams connect with creative brand functions and Alexander Mann Solutions’s cutting-edge technology consulting division to enhance what recruitment business partners already provide for the clients. Innovation also takes the form of the next-generation analytics, research, and administration support teams that enable the diversity and workforce planning consultants on a daily basis. This level of collaboration ensures the business is alive across the globe, twenty four hours of every day. Business Law Firm of the Year 2020 – Malaysia, Best Criminal Law Firm – Malaysia & Award for Excellence in Estate Management Law 2020 Best Talent Acquisition & Workforce Solutions Firm 2020 What started in 2010 with just one single lawyer, has since evolved into a firmof three partners, two senior associates, and three associates spread across two different states. Amir Khusyairi & Associates is a firm that focuses on helping small andmedium-sized businesses withmanaging their business risks whilst growing and expanding. After winning three awards for its exceptional work, we take a closer look at the lawfirm to learnmore. Established almost twenty five years ago in 1996, AlexanderMann Solutions was founded by chairman Rosaleen Blair, who wished to revolutionise and professionalise the way that companies hire talented individuals. As the global market leader serving some of the world’s leading brands, this same belief still drives the firm forward today. Following the firm’s success in the South East Asia Business Awards 2020 fromAPAC Insider, we take a closer look to learnmore. Jun20046 Jun20192 Amir Khusyairi & Associates Company: Amir Khusyairi & Associates Contact: Nik Erman & Nik Roseli Website: www.law-aka.com Finally, the agreements are the result of bespoke advice and risk management, which can vary from client to client but ensures a fair process throughout. Internally, Amir Khusyairi & Associates endeavours to ensure that even though the work may be stressful for the partners and associates, that does not mean that the culture of the firm should be stressful. Rather, the leadership of the firm have cultivated a fun working environment, something perhaps a little rare within the law industry. Happy teams produce better results. Those results can come in many forms, either in case results, or in-house developments and innovations to make life better. Recently, the firm has launched its document management system using blockchain technology, allowing clients to access all their agreements from their phone or website. Crucially, blockchain technology ensures that there is no tempering or alteration to those agreements, keeping every bit of data safe from prying eyes. Looking to the future, Amir Khusyairi & Associates plans to continue supporting small and medium-sized businesses as they continue to keep local economies afloat during what is an understandably tough time. With plans to introduce electronic signatures and make further use of the blockchain document management system, cross-border agreements will become more manageable, and more businesses can take advantage of the exceptional service from Amir Khusyairi & Associates. Acquiring new talent and effectively managing a workforce have no doubt been high on the agenda for businesses across South East Asia, especially given the global pandemic of COVID-19 causing chaos for so many. Alexander Mann Solutions is keenly aware of the different policies that must be considered, but it has always placed the safety of its employees first and foremost. What this pandemic has done is highlighted the attentiveness, professionalism, and calmness of those working at Alexander Mann Solutions throughout this crisis. The firm has now mandated working from home in all location, and has created a special team of experts who are closely monitoring the spread of the virus and providing continuous updates to all employees. There has also been numerous changes for the clients and the processes that they would otherwise undergo. Alexander Mann Solutions has adapted these processes, and works tirelessly to ensure it remains the trusted partner for so many firms looking to acquire talent and effectively manage their workforces. For instance, there are now webinars, virtual career fairs, and digital interviews to replace face-to-face ones for safety, though Alexander Mann Solutions continues to partner with clients to ensure they hire the best talents for their companies. Clients can also take advantage of a collection of resources and insights, entitled “Talent Acquisition in a Time of Uncertainty” , designed to help HR and talent leaders as they managed the impact of COVID-19 on their business. As Alexander Mann Solutions continues to grow its global footprint and reinforce its presence in key areas, so too will the firm continually innovate and develop additional solutions to address clients’ most pressing talent acquisition challenges. Whether clients are looking to hire either permanent or part-time staff, there is no other way to go about it than partnering with the absolute best in the business at Alexander Mann Solutions. Company: Alexander Mann Solutions Contact: Kevin Urrutia Website: www.alexandermannsolutions.com

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