2020 SEAsia Business Awards

18 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 19 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , Created by a group of young and idealistic individuals, Abo and Penaranda Law was founded on a dream of being leaders in the field of law by providing quality and professional services to clients. The team behind the firm is comprised of competent and passionate individuals who are all able to provide legal assistance beaming with youthful idealism and pragmatism. Supported by a wealth of experience in handling various and complex legal matters, Abo and Penaranda Law team thrives in the fast- evolving landscape of law, which is an advantage in their practice as they can find novel solutions to their clients’ problems. The firm aims to provide legal services that are competent and efficient using all the currently available technologies. By using a mix of traditional and non- traditional means, the team can help its clients in multiple ways. Before initiating any legal actions, the team works hard to analyze their clients’ needs to ensure that they can provide them with highly satisfactory resolutions, without taking any unnecessary steps that can often lead to dissatisfaction. It comes as no surprise that the team is committed to delivering the very best of service to its clients in a wide array of legal fields, especially, corporate law and special projects. Behind Abo and Penaranda Law’s remarkable accomplishments, is their philosophy to maintain high standards in every aspect of their work by always pushing themselves into finding and taking the best available to steps to solve a problem. The firm with the goal to solve their client’s problems with the best possible solutions ensures that all avenues are explored and that no stones are left unturned. Setting an example for the rest of the team is Abo and Penaranda Law’s Managing Partner, Atty. Marvi R. Abo who organized the founding of the firm in 2018. Anchored on his vision and iron will, he leads the firm in its continuous exponential growth. Before founding Abo and Penaranda Law, Marvi obtained his Bachelor’s Degree major in Asian Studies from the University of Santo Tomas in 2007. He obtained his law degree from Arellano University School of Law in 2014 and was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2015. Today, Marvi is an avid student of Corporate Law and is very passionate with respect to Special Projects. He fully subscribes to the adage that “If we are to conquer the future, we cannot use the software of the past.” The practice of law in the Philippines is quite challenging because of many laws and regulations that need to be mastered and followed by Best Multidisciplinary Law Firm 2020 – Philippines & Corporate Lawyer of the Year (Philippines): Marvi Abo Located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Abo and Penaranda Law is amulti-specialty lawfirm serving individuals, companies, and corporations inMetroManila as well as other provinces of the Philippines. Leading the way is APAC Insider’s Corporate Lawyer of the Year for the Philippines, Atty. Marvi R. Abo. The combined accomplishments of both Abo and Penaranda Law andMarvi are simply extraordinary, and so we profiled both the successful lawyer and firm to find out more. May20095 Abo and Penaranda Law Firm Contact: Atty. Marvi R. Abo Company: Abo and Penaranda Law Firm Address: Unit 1701, 17th Floor, One Park Drive, 11th Drive Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines Telephone: (+632) 7728 3665 Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.abolawfirm.com ABO AND PEÑA NDA LAW heart. Adding to the difficulty is the sudden explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic which brought about unexpected changes to the Philippine society, its way of conducting businesses, government transactions, and the legal industry in general. Despite the challenges and uncertainty the world faces, one thing is certain, Abo and Penaranda Law is currently on course in achieving their goal to be able to provide their award-winning legal services nationwide. While the rest of the world is reeling from the catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, their team is still working night and day to reach that “date with destiny”. A fitting testament to their resolve, that no matter how bad the situation is, there is not enough reason in the world that can prevent them from joining the Top Firms in the Philippines. Moving forward, the team is expanding to meet the growing demand for legal services not only from the Filipino public but, also from foreign investors who want to invest in the Philippines. Over the years, the Abo and Penaranda Law team has cultivated a positive workplace culture that is characterized by hard work, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, and fun. Marvi works tirelessly to ensure that all members of the team are free to express their beliefs and most certainly will not be discriminated against because of it. Above all, the collaboration between team members to solve their clients’ problems to their satisfaction is, and always will be, the ultimate goal for Abo and Penaranda Law. One, which they have accomplished time and time again.

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