2020 SEAsia Business Awards

16 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 17 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , Incorporated in 1999, Practimax started out with ten workers. Now with a strong staff of 140, and looking to expand, the team serve clients from all around the world. While the demand has always been present for labels, it has never been higher and that Practimax have managed to make the most of it. The portfolio of clients that Practimax serves is impressive indeed, comprising of local and international sources. They cover a range of industries, including the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. As a business, much of Practimax’s success has come from the decision to treat all clients, no matter what the size, as business partners. This means that the team are committed to fulfilling their needs in the most economical way, thus building trust that is returned in a long-lasting relationship. The demand for label and labelling services across the South East Asia region has been incredibly promising, with demand continuing to grow as costs increase in other parts of the world. With many multinational companies also moving into the region, it’s little wonder that a firm like Practimax has been able to find more demand. The challenge has come from competitors who have moved into this growing industry, and the team have had to work hard to ensure that they remain a formidable force. The costs of production and the level of efficiency has proven to be a critical factor in the firm’s survival. Since its inception, Control Union has served a wide variety of purposes, whether it commodity inspections and laboratory analyses, certification of processes and systems, or collateral management for financed goods. Control Union Malaysia has been in operation for just over thirty two years, and has since grown to a company of more than one hundred employees working across seven offices in both East and West Malaysia. With its network of offices and dedicated staff, today the firm proudly serves more than 350 active clients in Malaysia across various commodities and certification programs. It manages audits and inspections in the country, as well as in other countries worldwide thanks to its competent personnel. Control Union companies target independent services through a global presence with a focus on clients, offering the complete range of tailored activities and services to suit the supply and value chain requirements of its customer base across a broad range of industries. Whatever the need, Control Union Malaysia has the solution. It aims for controllability, efficiency, external confidence building, risk management, and to increase compliance. Working with clients, it focuses on the development of specialist and combined services to increase the value it can bring to customers, whilst also acknowledging the importance of human capital by consolidating and improving safety, continuity, quality, and competence. Across the South East Asia region, Control Union has a very strong presence. In Malaysia in particular, Control Union is the market leader for a number of certification programs such as sustainable palm oil, organic production, good agriculture practices, feed safety, textiles and recycling, and is a leading player for multiple other environmental services. These include food safety, tourism, aquaculture and fisheries, biofuels, and forestry services. The commodity inspection teams that work as part of Control Union focus the majority of their time on agricultural commodities and minerals, whilst the industrial inspection teams form strong relationships with the oil and gas industry present in the country. When it comes to distinguishing itself from the competition, few can match up to the experience and length of time that Control Union has so diligently served Malaysia and its environments. There can be no doubt that within the global supply and value chain stewardship, Control Union Malaysia is the trusted specialist, with its in-depth knowledge and experience gained over a century of covering all aspects of the supply chain. The market push towards sustainability Best Custom Self-Adhesive Labels Manufacturer - Malaysia Best Commodities Inspection & Certification Specialists 2020 Labels and label manufacturing have become big business, and nowhere else can this be more clearly seen than in the team fromPractimax Sdn Bhd. In the last twenty years, the company has grown exponentially, and isn’t set to be slowing down any time soon. In this special edition of APAC Insider, we look deeper into this firm to see if we can pin down the secrets of their success. Having established a presence inMalaysia since 1987, Control UnionMalaysia (Sdn) Bhd is part of the wider Control Union, a riskmanagement expert operating a global network of offices and laboratories. Control Union itself is a part of Peterson & Control Union, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020. We find out more about the Control Union Malaysia, following its recent success in the South East Asia Business Awards 2020 fromAPAC Insider. Jun20047 May20093 Practimax Sdn Bhd Control Union (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Company: Practimax Sdn Bhd Contact: Mr Roger Yeap Web Address: www.practimax.com.my Company: Control Union (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Contact: [email protected] Website: www.petersoncontrolunion.com/en Of course, a great deal of credit must go to the workforce, all of whom are empowered by Practimax to fulfil their potential. Staff turnover is not high, allowing people to learn and develop at their own pace. In many ways, this has allowed the team to flourish without undue pressure. Time is not wasted teaching new people, instead it can be applied in exploring new and exciting ways of working. One of the moves that Practimax has made in the last few years is in the direction of technology. This is not only proven to increase efficiency, but to make processes simpler and less flawed. Already, the team has been able to implement a tailor-made, built-in system and software, with the setup designed in such a way as to ensure that it runs even when staff take annual or emergency leave. As a company that works alongside as opposed to for its clients, the team are more than capable of providing a diverse range of options that can be adapted to suit specific needs. The advancement in printing technology has made the work of a company like Practimax much more straightforward. State of the art machinery has become commonplace, meaning with the correct chosen investments, the company can benefit significantly and with less than 50% of revenue being reinvested back into the business. As a result, the company can ensure not only better efficiency, but to maintain the high standards that customers have become accustomed to. Needless to say, this approach has proven to be incredibly successful for Practimax, allowing the team to grow significantly while increasing the range of clients that they serve. In a market that is growing, there will always be competition. This merely serves to push Practimax to the next level, as they explore new options that will lead them to further success. has meant that Control Union Malaysia has presented itself as a natural leader, and with South East Asia is leading that push, the success is set to continue growing for the firm. Organisations and brands all over the world have been pushing to increase sustainability everywhere, from the jungles of South America to the forests of South East Asia. Palm oil is a particular weight that many would like to see removed from the shoulders of the environment, and with governments mandating stricter requirements for those involved in the production of items that contain palm oil, steps are being taken in the right direction. The same goes for forestry, agriculture, recycling, and manufacturing, as government mandates sustainability reporting for all companies in the industries. Due to Control Union’s innovative and adaptive setup, it has been able to quickly adapt to changing dynamics and tailor its solutions to meet the needs of clients and the environment. Control Union has grown considerably over the last few years, and that is set to continue with its exciting future prospects as more focus shifts towards helping the environment. As an organisation, it wants nothing more than to leave a positive impact. One such example is that Control Union’s work with Ocean plastics pollution. Studies estimated that Malaysia alone produced 0.94 million tonnes of mismanaged plastic waste. The proper collection of these plastics is the most direct and effective way to limit the damage to vital environments that are precious to wildlife. To address this Control Union recently launched a global standard that address ocean-bound plastics (OBP), with the focus on capturing those plastics before they pollute the ocean. This firm is more than just an exceptional one; it is a crucial one for the survival of South East Asia’s beautiful environments.

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