2020 SEAsia Business Awards

12 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 13 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , Established in 2012, Faith Marine provides a vast range of ship basic designs, 3D production designs and marine related services to a global customer base, with clients coming from Australia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia to name but a few. Today, Faith Marine is recognized globally as a one-stop-shop for delivering complete solutions to clients, instead of just selling them designs. By focusing on continuously improving in the areas of design and flexibility to ensure that the solutions they customize meet the requirements and needs of their clients, the team at Faith Marine are able to produce unique and well-engineered products to their clients. The firm’s flexibility is a unique selling point for the solutions provider as the team work closely with their clients to ensure that they are able to make the designs successful. From the beginning, Faith Marine have always presented the designs/solutions in the simplest way to ensure that they are easy to understand, but most of all are practical. As such, the team use widely use 3D production design and visualization prior to the beginning of construction. Faith Marine are known throughout the region for their impeccable skills they possess in 3D design, as well as how they use simple tools to create outstanding designs. Best CAD/CAM Shipbuilding Solutions Provider 2020 As strong advocates for offering resolutions and not selling designs, FaithMarine provides a creative, optimized easy to understand solutions which have been tailored clients’ requirements/needs in order to produce a well-engineered vessel. Boasting high-standards, we took a closer look at the award-winning firm to discover more about their first-class services and have they always take into account clients’ feedback to implement into their next successful project. May20080 May20119 FaithMarine Sdn Bhd Contact: Ferdinand Wong Company: Faith Marine Sdn Bhd Address: No.50, Ground Floor, Lane 2A, Aman Road, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Telephone: 601 686 017 19 Web Address: www.faithmarine.com.my Built on a belief that there is no best design, but instead a better one, the team at Faith Marine are always on a mission to provide more creative, innovative and optimized solutions for their clients. In fact, many of the clients become friends of the team by the end of the project. These close relationships the firm is able to form are far greater than the completed projects. As the Faith Marine team prepare for the future, one thing they hope to achieve is a successful expansion into European countries to provide their award-winning services to a further geographical market. Alongside their plans to expand globally, the firm will also continue to work closely with their existing clients to further enhance and provide solutions based on the requirements and also future planning. If all of this wasn’t enough, Faith Marine are currently looking deeply into the application of 3D printing technology in ship design and shipbuilding. Ultimately, the team at Faith Marine will never stop improving and equipping themselves to ensure that they are able to help any client which chooses their services. Every moment, the team are looking for something new implement, whilst never stopping challenging difficultness stand in their way. Faith Marine have high determination to achieve an even higher level of success. As their core values state: ‘We always dream big, determine the way and do it.’ The search for innovative design solutions requires fresh ideas and exciting new ways of thinking. The team at Create Architecture, a mere three years old, has already achieved a reputation for pioneering methods that take the typical rules of architecture and transform them into brand new possibilities. With a principle design team led by the talented Tan Bing Hui, Xu Naiyan and Max Chung, the firm have quickly managed to achieve incredible success. Their services have been utilized on a number of different projects, each with their own challenges that must be faced. The aim of the team is always to satisfy the needs of a client, whether it be in the field of master planning, architectural design, interior design or branding. Thanks to the sophisticated process that the team adopts, every project is met with equal passion, rigor and in-depth thinking. Key to the company is the attitude that space and architectural composition is not only applied to all buildings and spaces, but must be harmonized with the observer. The high standards that Create Architecture aims to attain are established by this approach, with the team not creating spaces that look right on paper, but spaces that feel right once they have been created. Creating space for everyday utility is paramount to the team at Create Architecture, and the team operate carefully to demonstrate the limitless boundary of scale and proportion, creative spaces, design and architecture. There are no bad ideas, encouraging the team to explore new possibilities and develop unique design solutions where appropriate. Best Architectural Design & Master Planning Firm - Singapore Making the best use of a space is a difficult role, combining the skills of an artist and an engineer. The most skilled do the best work, which is always effortless in its execution. The teamat Create Architecture are exceptional in the field, offering a new perspective that meets the individual needs of a project. In this special edition of APAC Insider, we explore a little more how their way of working has brought them such success. Create Architecture Company: Create Architecture Contact: Tan Bing Hui Email: [email protected] As a relatively new firm, only established in 2017, the challenge has been to make the name of the business known throughout the community. That said, the directors bring with them a strong portfolio of projects that showcase the incredible work that they have already undertaken. This often tips the scales in their favour when it comes to finding a project consultant. While based in Singapore, the team have been able to take up work across the South East of Asia. Projects in Cambodia and Malaysia have been able to benefit from the team’s considerable expertise and innovative way of thinking. At Create Architecture, there is a firm belief that the future of design will come through technology and digitalization. In anticipation of this, the team have already invested in the latest technology to allow them to utilize this to the full. With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, it will be possible to present designs to a client in their fullest, with the ability to get a sense of what a space really has to offer. In terms of design, the team are always open to exploring ideas that might seem farfetched but hold considerable potential. Floating structures might have an important role to play thanks to rising sea levels and anticipating this demand could be of great benefit to a firm like Create Architecture. As designers of the future, the team consider it vital to address what tomorrow will most likely bring. The success of firms like Create Architecture come from a mindset that puts people first. They anticipate and design around what people need. Although the team are still new on the market, it’s an approach that has brought them much deserved recognition in very short order. 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