2020 SEAsia Business Awards

10 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 11 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , sellers can mark down prices as they don’t have to pay extra for retail spaces and wages. However, in the hair replacement systems business, this does not work as well, as the clients cannot tell how the product might feels and whether it would be able to fit despite it being cheaper. Beyond that, buyers would then have to find a suitable salon that specializes in cutting the hair replacement system, and if the salon does not do a good job, then the industry as a whole would suffer. That is why iAremyhair is so vital to the hair replacement systems industry, and believes in letting clients feel and understand how the whole process works, and what kind of lifelong lifestyle commitments they would have to adjust to. Looking to the future, iAremyhair is hoping to continue its dominance of the Singaporean market for hair replacement systems, whilst also branching outwards to neighbouring countries in South East Asia. With an eye on opening a few more branches in Singapore, and moving into places such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, the director is all-too aware of the necessity to keep things personal and ensure that clients everywhere can still feel comfortable talking about their hair loss issues. Also knowing that it is a never-ending search to source good quality hair from around the world whilst keeping prices low, iAremyhair faces challenges, but plenty of opportunities for growth and success within the hair replacement systems industry. Using and wearing a hair replacement system is not an easy thing to do, and is far more a lifestyle choice than anything else. Many people choose not to talk about their issues with hair loss to anyone other than their immediate family, as it is usually considered a taboo subject. However, rather than allow these individuals to suffer in silence and go uncared for, iAremyhair is blazing a path that shows hair replacement systems to be extremely effective, efficient, and exceptional for all types of client. If done properly, a hair replacement service completely debunks the Hollywood myth that they can be vacuumed off of someone’s head. In fact, iAremyhair is so confident about its range of products, that it recently challenged one of its clients to a skydiving challenge with the hair replacement system on, and the client experienced no issues whatsoever. Hair is something that many people can take for granted, until it’s gone. With iAremyhair, that never has to be a fear. Clients can achieve the most natural-looking results that show no signs of work having been done. This Singaporean business has mastered the art of ensuring that every single client leaves feeling completely happy and confident with their new look, and is fully deserving of all the success it duly receives. Company: iAremyhair Contact: Peter Lim Website: https://www.aremyhair.com/ Rupert Ong Satisfied Customer