In issue 12 of the magazine, we endeavoured to take a look at some of the region’s most accomplished law firms.

Michael Moussa has swiftly developed a reputation as one of the finest lawyers in Sydney. As Principal Lawyer of National Criminal Lawyers, Michael has established a precedence for exceeding expectations and beating the odds in trying criminal cases – including some of Australia’s most infamous. Michael took some time out of his busy schedule to offer some insight into the firm’s successes.

In the same vein, DFG Legal is a trusted family law firm based out of Perth. Despite working in a notoriously challenging field, they have repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to protecting their client’s best interests, regardless of case complexity. As a winner in the APAC Legal Awards, we were eager to see how the firm has achieved such outstanding success in this competitive arena.

Finally, Pannu Lawyers is a firm that has been forged on the back of compassionate legal representation. Working within family law, they have secured an enviable position as one of Sydney’s premier law firms in just three years of operation. As Pannu’s Principal Lawyer, Navjot Singh understands the importance of honed expertise and experience in shaping litigation. Recognised in APAC’s Winners’ Review programme, we took some time to delve deeper into the firm’s - and Navjot’s – achievements.

Here at APAC Insider Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this month’s insightful issue and hope to hear from you soon.