In issue 10 of the magazine, we celebrate variety. The region is home to a plethora of world-leading companies that are driving innovation in their industries. With this in mind, we shine a spotlight on an outstanding optometrist, a revolutionary luxury travel company, a best in class conveyancing expert, and Vietnam’s foremost telecoms service provider.

First up, and on the cover of this month’s issue, we have Abercrombie & Kent Australia who specialise in offering world-class luxury adventures to their clients. A&K have a selection of prominent, well-travelled experts who can guarantee once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences, fulfilling the wildest or most discerning of whims.  We profiled the firm to find out more.

Elsewhere, we took a closer look at KLM Conveyancing. As a certified expert in Property Law, Kiani Mills is well placed to allay fears and provide a seamless, stress-free service to her clients, regardless of the complexity of their cases. Kiani offered some insight into her day-to-day operations, and how she stands out in an incredibly competitive sector.

Finally, Dang Tung Son, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of CMC Telecom, gave us a closer look at how the firm provides innovative services in such a vital sector in Vietnam, as the country looks to embrace a future defined by swift modernisation and economic development.

Here at APAC Insider Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this month’s insightful issue and hope to hear from you soon.