The cutting-edge 5G network released at the event is not just for show.

At the Huawei product and solution launch in London, Peng Song, President of Huawei’s Carrier BG Marketing and Solution Sales Dept, delivered a keynote. During this keynote, he announced the release of a cutting-edge 5G network, which is intended to help operators achieve commercial 5G success.

As a Chinese saying goes, “to become rich, you must first build a road”. Likewise, operators’ commercial 5G success must be built upon the most advanced 5G network that is simplifed, smart, eco-friendly, and supports ultra-high bandwidth and end-to-end AI.

The cutting-edge 5G network released at the event is not just for show. It includes a series of product solutions, such as the simplified radio access network (RAN), smart IP network, ultra-high-bandwidth transport network, green connections, and AI-enabled end-to-end 5G services.

Simplified RAN accelerates 5G deployment: The simplified RAN features three product solutions: the industry’s lightest 3rd-generation Massive MIMO antenna; the Blade AAU with the industry’s highest level of integration; and a 400 MHz ultra-wideband AAU. These solutions address pain points during installation, site acquisition, and scattered frequency bands to help operators rapidly deploy 5G. The 3rd-generation Massive MIMO antenna, supporting 64T64R, is both light and easy to install. The Blade AAU supports active and passive integration under all sub-6 GHz frequency bands, significantly shortening the time required for site acquisition. The 400 MHz ultra-wideband AAU is an entire generation ahead of the rest of the industry.

Smart IP network leads the industry in supporting committable SLA: Through this solution, best-effort IP networks can be transformed into SLA-committable IP networks. With FlexE-based flexible network slicing, the smart IP network boasts the industry’s highest slicing precision, at 1 Gbit/s. This is 5 times the industry average. Working with the Network Cloud Engine (NCE) and using SRv6, the smart IP network is the first in the industry to support committable latency. The solution also utilizes In-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT), meaning faults can be located in minutes and the network is highly available.

Ultra-high-bandwidth transport network with the industry’s first 800G module: This solution provides a transmission capacity of 48 Tbit/s on a single optical fiber, 40% higher than the industry average. This will ensure the transport network can evolve smoothly over the next 10 years.

Green connections lower the power consumption of 5G sites: The 5G AAU uses Huawei’s proprietary highly integrated chips, reducing power consumption by more than 15%. The AI-enabled PowerStar solution also supports multi-standard, multi-frequency-band coordination, lowing the power consumption of the entire network by an additional 15% to 20%.

AI-enabled, end-to-end 5G delivery opens the way to a digital, intelligent era: AI is applied to the full lifecycle management of 5G. This ensures network planning becomes more precise for better user experience, network construction becomes more agile for higher quality, services marketed to users are more targeted, and user experience issues are addressed more rapidly.

“The cutting-edge 5G network we released today is just a tip of the iceberg,” says Peng Song, “We consistently invest in areas such as basic theories, materials, and algorithms to develop leading products and solutions for the industry and help operators achieve commercial 5G success.”