PDFSmart.com is a document management solution that can significantly improve the efficiency of your business. Every day, many files are open and closed by employees and managers. They have to work on the documents before sharing them with colleagues, customers and various collaborators. If professionals don’t have the right tool, this process can be time consuming. However, with PDFSmart, companies save money by editing on the platform and converting files in different formats. Here is more on PDFSmart’s capacity to raise the efficiency of your business.

PDFSmart Is an Intuitive Tool

One of the problems that can be found in document management software is the difficulty to learn how to use them. With PDFSmart, there is no wasted time, since the platform is intuitive and lets you handle all the jobs that you can perform on it, in a matter of a few clicks. Simply by going onto the platform, an employee or manager is able to edit or convert a document in another format without having to download any software. Also, the features of PDFSmart are positioned in a way that makes everything clear for its users. If anyone has to work on a large quantity of files in a single day, this will save him time and lots aggravation.

PDFSmart Increases Your Productivity Through Text Recognition

When creating documents, professionals often have to write down texts that can be found inside an image. However, with PDFSmart cutting-edge character recognition (OCR) technology, you can easily extract text from any scanned images and PDFs. This is an important time-saving feature that can be used for texts found in a large variety of documents, such as invoices, advertising and contracts. Once the technique is applied, you can then modify the text at will, since it shows in editable text format. This helps create better-looking documents in only a few minutes.

PDFSmart.com lets you Edit Documents in a Variety of Ways

Working with documents can be a drag, if you constantly have to change the software that you are using to modify and save them. For example, if you are revisiting a PDF file, but you need to go into your Word document first, and then resave it in PDF format, it wastes your time for no reason, since you can do it all directly on the pdfsmart.com website. All you have to do is to convert the PDF file document into Word, make the necessary changes, and save it back into PDF, all online and without ever having to open any software.

Plus, you can edit the document in a variety of ways. First, you can customize it by inserting the logos of your brands and/or company. You can add or remove texts to make the document longer or shorter. You can also do the same with images and videos. Finally, you can also decide to create many documents out of one or to regroup a few of them into a single file. You can do all this simply by going online and using the services on the PDFSmart platform at a very reasonable monthly or annual cost.