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Articles 8th July 2022

How to Find Top PHP Developers for Your Online Asian Business?

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Creating an online platform for any business necessitates deciding on the technologies for this digital product. Which programming language comes to mind first when you think of website development?

We can assume that it’s PHP. It is a widespread open-source programming language for creating websites and web applications. According to W3Techs, PHP is used on the server-side of about 77.5% of all websites.

Today, PHP is employed in well-known platforms like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and Yahoo. Of course, given the language’s prominence, the labor market is flooded with PHP developers.

But how can you find PHP developers that are indeed competent and experienced? You will discover the answer to this question in our article. We will also tell you about the main responsibilities of PHP programmers and other popular IT outsourcing professionals.


All You Need to Know About PHP Developers

If you want to boost your company’s online visibility, you’ll need the help of PHP professionals. They are an integral part of your team in developing websites and web apps and connecting your product with other services.

PHP experts are significant for your product development as they work on the backend of your website. They ensure that your product’s server part works properly and fix any code errors.

Here are some more reasons to hire a PHP developer:


PHP is an open-source language. It means that your developers can use this technology for free.



With PHP, your developers can reuse some parts of the code and not spend time writing everything from scratch.



PHP works with many operating systems, such as macOS, Windows, or Linux. This language supports over 20 databases and services such as Caudium, Apache, or Tornado.

Large community. PHP has a large community of developers worldwide, so solving any issues has never been easier.

So if your way is to employ a PHP developer, you should know what skills and knowledge this specialist should possess. Consider the following:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related specialty
  • Knowledge of PHP frameworks (Laravel or CodeIgniter)
  • Understanding of interface technologies (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML)
  • Experience with databases (SQL or NoSQL)
  • Experience with APIs
  • Experience in object-oriented PHP
  • Experience in testing and debugging


Where to Locate PHP Developers for Asian Businesses?

If you want to hire PHP developers for your business, there are some aspects to consider.

First, you need to decide whether you want to hire a development company, a freelance PHP developer, or a dedicated team.

By contracting a development company that offers PHP specialists, you get access to a high level of expertise, certified PHP developers, and timely project implementation. However, using the dev company’s services can be a bit costly.

A freelance PHP developer is a perfect solution if you have budget limitations. You can find such an employee anywhere and take advantage of a flexible work schedule. However, such an expert can work on several projects at once, and you can not be sure he will devote enough time to your product.

Hiring a dedicated team is probably the best solution to guarantee your online business’s success. Such developers will work purely on your project and understand all its features. They will invest their knowledge, experience, and time to ensure the prosperity of your product.

If you plan to hire remote workers, the best location for this is Eastern Europe. Countries in this region can boast experienced and qualified technical staff and, at the same time, a moderate level of hourly wages. One of the top destinations to employ PHP developers is Ukraine.


Where should you look for PHP developers?

We suggest you consider the following:


Freelance platforms

Freelancer, Upwork, or Truelancer are places where you can find freelance PHP developers.


Social networks

You can try to find a qualified specialist in such a social network for professional networking as LinkedIn.


Job aggregators

Platforms such as Indeed, CareerJet, or Glassdoor contain many offers for developers. You can post a vacancy on one of these websites and thus find a PHP specialist.



You can also take full advantage of networking to search for PHP developers. Maybe one of your acquaintances mentioned something about such specialists?


Other Popular Outsourcing Specialists to Consider

Today we also want to mention two more specialists now popular for outsourcing. These are remote mobile developers and React specialists. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Mobile app development is now at an all-time high, given that about 84% of the world’s population uses smartphones. That is why there is a demand for mobile developers. These can be specialists who are familiar with the creation of cross-platform apps, as well as applications for iOS or Android.

React.js is the most popular JavaScript framework, allowing you to build a frontend for digital products. Over 40% of developers worldwide have been using this platform as of 2021. So it’s a good idea to set React developer to handle your frontend.



PHP is the most often used language for developing server-side web solutions. Because of its prominence, the demand for PHP developers will only increase.

If you need specialists who know this programming language, you can find them anywhere in the world. However, our recommendation is to aim for Eastern Europe.

Locating a PHP developer is relatively easy. But finding an experienced and highly qualified one may be a real challenge. We suggest you hire dedicated teams. In particular, we offer such teams in Mobilunity.