Our modern world revolves around the idea of virtual reality. Everything around us is turning online, and the business world is no exception. Online advertisement tools, for instance, came as the answer to how to grab the customer’s attention. Whether an Instagram reel, a logo maker, or a banner creator, they have all contributed to making the process of presenting the best image smoothly and easily.

In this article, we will cover Instagram reels, for no one can deny they are captivating.

Why Instagram launched Reels?

Instagram reels are short, light-hearted vertical videos inviting the audience to infinite scrolling. In 2019, New York Times reported, “Tik Tok will change the way your social media works.” The video app gained wide popularity in a short period, and in response to that came the Instagram release of reels in 2020.

Later on, reels proved to be a successful marketing tool. Indeed a less than one-minute video was the reason for many businesses to flourish. 

How to make professional Instagram reels

Instagram reels provide the chance for a good presentation of a product to customers, an influencer to the audience, or simply showing off creativity. A combination of factors plays a vital role in creating professional Instagram reels, and below are the top four tips to consider when making a reel:

Create engaging reels

Keeping the audience attached to a reel means the content presented is exceptional, and adding a catchy title is a good starting point. Plus, engaging with the viewers in the comments section would improve the content through the feedback received. All of which would make reels hook the viewers. 

Use music and voice-over

Since Instagram added many creative tools that have eased the process of creating a reel, the sound is an enjoyable feature to add. Audio mix and voice-over options are going handy in creating better content. Furthermore, making a product personalized with your voice on it is even available now. Eventually, adding audio to a reel will make it inviting, and music will spice things up! 

Add timed text to reels

In most cases, adding text will highlight a reel’s context. In this case, even for users who do not keep the sound on when scrolling reels, multiple-timed texts will raise a viewer’s curiosity to keep watching. Moreover, multiple-timed texts mean more focused content. So, even if customers mute reels, they will still be reading the texts presented.

Add graphics to reels

Instagram reel editor allows adding one picture only for five seconds. So, using the background of a reel is another kind of advertisement. Still, the choice of using a video editor outside Instagram is possible, and extending the picture time is probable. In brief, adding an image that best represents your business and letting it go viral would sound reasonable.

Advantages of using reels for business

Despite the many available marketing tools, reels proved to be one of the most effective tools. As a business owner, choosing reels to complement a marketing strategy will bring many advantages. We will list below the top three advantages: 

Keep a business as a top trend

Reels have become the medium for spreading trends because they make reaching new audiences and higher engagement possible. Therefore, a pro reel will push a brand to become a trend if we choose the content wisely.

For example, reels about the making process of a product proved to be a successful trend, which means embracing such a trend will push our product to be a top trend as well. Hence, keeping an eye on what is trendy will keep what we also present as a trend.

Raise a brand awareness

Reels have made a turning point in raising brand awareness. They are highly shared and interacted with. So, branding colors or the logo shared in a reel will reach a larger audience. Moreover, working with micro-influencers, which are more affordable and effective, has taken part in shedding light on the brand presented. All in all, reels are short, but the message they deliver lasts long, especially with Instagram promotion services.

Allow more freedom of editing

Unlike other features available on Instagram, reels come with many options. Changing the duration and speed (to slow it down or speed it up). Plus, alignment with other clips is just one click away when it comes to reels, as Instagram has broadened the choices of editing them quickly.

In a nutshell

Social media have provided different platforms to promote business with. Yet, Instagram has proved itself among the best platforms to choose from for advertisement. Reels have stood out as an exceptional marketing tool that gained international recognition in no time. Therefore, if you want your business to spread wider and have not stepped into the realm of reels, now is the time.