Medical innovation

Lives in Developing Countries Can Be Extended By 9 Years if 5% More GDP Is Invested in Healthcare Systems, Says FII Institute

A new global healthcare study published by the Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII-I), the not-for-profit global foundation that powers the annual Future Investment Initiative conference, revealed two critical findings: An additional 5% of GDP invested in the healthcare systems of developing countries could lead to an additional 9 years of healthy life expectancy. Integrating AI and robotics into existing healthcare systems could increase the efficiency of healthcare investment by up to 20%.

Shanghai Electric and Siemens Energy to Establish Smart Energy Empowerment Centre

Shanghai Electric the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electric power generation equipment, industrial equipment and integration services, has reached another milestone and signed a collaboration agreement with Siemens Energy on smart energy empowerment center at the global China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai. The cooperation aims to build a smart energy empowerment center that

New Zealand data centre

Microsoft Announces First Major Customer for New Zealand Datacenter

Microsoft New Zealand has announced the signing of a new strategic partnership with Fonterra that will see the dairy co-operative migrate many mission-critical operations to Microsoft Azure to support its global growth plans. Once Microsoft’s New Zealand datacenter region is launched, Fonterra will also benefit from real-time business intelligence and exponentially greater capacity to innovate with cutting-edge technologies.

Powerflo Solutions Pty Ltd

Working High-Pressure Environments and Industries

When working in high-pressure environments and industries, speaking both literally and figuratively, it is imperative to ensure that safety is at the highest possible levels. In pursuit of this, engineering plants often demand some sort of control, shutdown, or safety relief valve for equipment. Enter Powerflo Solutions. Following the firm’s win in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2020, we take a closer look at what it offers to clients.

single use plastic

Plastic Buffet: Both China and the U.S. Have the Opportunity to Innovate on Plastic

2020 has marked a watershed moment for the reduction in plastic pollution in China, the world’s biggest consumer. Though the news has been overshadowed by other recent events, China’s move to reduce the use of single-use plastic is another positive vector supporting the global momentum that is building to slow retail consumption of a material which is often overused and unnecessary.