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Online Data Shows Countries Are Sceptical About 5G

5G is one of the pinnacle new technologies that is set to revolutionise everyday life. Driven by its core benefit of super-fast low latency internet, 5G has the strong potential to unlock the full capabilities of other advanced technologies like augmented reality and Internet of things (IoT). Despite these positive credentials, many are still cynical about 5G.


Power in People: Human Capital Will Determine Tech Success

According to the Economist, one of the most significant outcomes of the pandemic will be “the infusion of data-enabled services into ever more aspects of life.” We were already expecting a transition to digital transformation thanks to technological advancement, dubbed the “fourth industrial revolution”. However, following on from the pandemic which forced countless businesses to switch to remote working virtually overnight, we expect digital transformation to continue to be adopted on a larger and more rapid scale – becoming an even more prominent objective for organisations in the future.

Tech surveillance

Technology is Enabling Surveillance, Inequality During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic set off a global quest to harness technology to keep us connected and curb the spread of the virus. Schools, offices and vital public services adapted to lockdowns by going online. Governments worldwide tried to chart the virus' trajectory from broad swaths of personal data. In some respects, the pandemic affirmed technology's indispensable role in our daily lives. But it also exposed and widened longstanding gaps in protecting human rights, both online and offline.


KUDO’s Expansion in APAC region Continues with New Partners in Hong Kong and Indonesia

KUDO Inc., the leading Language-as-a-Service platform for multilingual online meetings, has announced two new partnerships in the APAC region with Expro Services and CMM. KUDO’s recent team additions, Duy Ngo (Head of Sales APAC) and Aryeh Sternberg (Enterprise Account Executive APAC), marked their continuing expansion in the APAC region. This expansion has been a long-term goal for KUDO as the APAC is home to global economic heavyweights like Japan, China, Australia, Singapore and South Korea, broadening their global footprint, and breaking even more language barriers in the process. Most recently, KUDO’s ever-growing network of global partners expands to now include Expro Services in Hong Kong and Indonesia’s based CMM.

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5G Will Change the Internet for Everyone

5G internet networks, which were launched in Israel in September and should be widespread here in 2-4 years, will accelerate the digital transformations that are shaping the global economy, said Alon Berman, General Manager of Ericsson Israel. 5G refers to the latest (5th) generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, launched less than two years ago. The technology will dramatically increase internet speed and latency (the time between a user action and the response), as well as improved reliability and network security that will enable a whole new generation of consumer and commercial possibilities.

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Can Global Innovation Competitions Help Unearth the Next Sustainability Solution?

Smoke rises between the houses from fuels being burned for cooking, threatening both the environment and human health through carbon dioxide emissions and indoor air pollution. Meanwhile, diapers that have not been properly disposed of are polluting waterways and sewage systems and become a potential source of disease. What do these two seemingly distinct problems have to do with one another? For starters, they are two of many hazards that the residents of Kibera - an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, and one of the largest settlements in Africa - have to live with everyday. But both also were seen as an opportunity by the founders of a Nairobi start-up called LeafyLife that aims to recycle used diapers to produce a cheap, sustainable and clean fuel.

Medical innovation

Lives in Developing Countries Can Be Extended By 9 Years if 5% More GDP Is Invested in Healthcare Systems, Says FII Institute

A new global healthcare study published by the Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII-I), the not-for-profit global foundation that powers the annual Future Investment Initiative conference, revealed two critical findings: An additional 5% of GDP invested in the healthcare systems of developing countries could lead to an additional 9 years of healthy life expectancy. Integrating AI and robotics into existing healthcare systems could increase the efficiency of healthcare investment by up to 20%.

Shanghai Electric and Siemens Energy to Establish Smart Energy Empowerment Centre

Shanghai Electric the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electric power generation equipment, industrial equipment and integration services, has reached another milestone and signed a collaboration agreement with Siemens Energy on smart energy empowerment center at the global China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai. The cooperation aims to build a smart energy empowerment center that