european piano academy

Piano-Playing Perfection

The beauty of music can be best expressed through its variety, with instruments and styles hailing from all corners of the globe. However, one of the most sophisticated and elegant forms of music comes from the piano, gentle and soothing, or vibrant and explosive. Offering professional piano lesson to students of all ages is the European Piano Academy, winner of this years’ Australian Enterprise Award for Best Piano School - Eastern AUS States. To find out more, we profiled the business.

Rainbow Station

Children Are The Future

Providing education and care to children is one of the most challenging things possible. Instead of being a job, it is a vocation. The team at Rainbow Station Early Education Centre excel at their work, giving children strong foundations from which to work. It is why they have been recognised for their APAC Excellence as Australia’s Most Outstanding Early Education Center of the Year, 2020. We looked more closely to find out more.

Deidre Bradshaw NQNS

Excellence in Neuropsychological Services

Studying neuropsychology, or the intrinsic relationship between the brain and behaviours, is an area of science that requires more than just expert knowledge. Everyone has a different brain and behaves in different ways. Being flexible and able to cater for a broad spectrum of clients is key, and can be found in abundance at North

Martial Arts

Mastery Over the Mind and Body

Mastery over the mind and body can takes years of dedicated training and focus. The many ancient and noble forms of martial arts have been passed down for generations and are still strong in the world today. In Sydney, Australia, one man has remained wholly committed to the practice of Zen Chi Ryu, a modern form of martial arts that seeks to develop individuals. We uncover the work of Shihan Tim Reilly, as we profile him and his company, Zen Chi Ryu Martial Arts.

Cairns Car Brokers

Cairns Car Brokers

Cairns Car Brokers offers a modern used car buying service for people who are tired of the stressthat comes with purchasing a motor vehicle. We profile the firm to find out more about how it works closely with its clients to ensure they enjoy the highest possible standard of service.Offering a range ofquality used motorvehicles

Powerflo Solutions Pty Ltd

Working High-Pressure Environments and Industries

When working in high-pressure environments and industries, speaking both literally and figuratively, it is imperative to ensure that safety is at the highest possible levels. In pursuit of this, engineering plants often demand some sort of control, shutdown, or safety relief valve for equipment. Enter Powerflo Solutions. Following the firm’s win in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2020, we take a closer look at what it offers to clients.


Welcome to The Jungal

The award-winning platform for Australian professionals built by MCBI, The Jungal is one of the many new online homes of high spirited and passionate professionals to present themselves with dignity and befitting their expertise.


Monitoring for Success

Australian specialist firm Sentinel Pty Ltd (Sentinel) have been a key provider of environmental monitoring services to clients across the world for nearly twenty years. Servicing clients that include the World Bank, various government departments, consultancy firms and the mining industry, this boutique firm provides specialised and cutting-edge hydrographic consulting services that are unequalled. Discover what makes this Australian firm a respected leader within their dynamic industry.