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Businesses Get Creative to Survive During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the business world upside down with no warning. Many people had to shut down their shops temporarily, while others never reopened. Some companies continue to set examples and inspire others to adapt on the fly. These are a few of the most popular ways businesses get creative to survive during the pandemic.

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5 Tips to Figure Out If A Tech Company on the Stock Market Is An Ethical Investment

These days people trading on the stock market want more than just a strong financial return. They're increasingly opting for investments that will also have a positive societal impact. The coronavirus pandemic showed us even established tech companies can suffer downturns in the short term. Apple, a tech behemoth, was left reeling with Chinese manufacturing hubs were temporarily shut down last year. In the longer term, however, technology stocks remain a first choice for many investors. Historically, they've dominated global stock markets and continue to grow a remarkable area.


Micro-fulfilment – A Game Changer For Online Grocery?

Online grocery may be booming, but keeping it profitable will be the challenge. Louisa Hosegood, Digital and Strategy Director at Bis Henderson Consulting, believes Micro-fulfilment could be the big game-changer. The pandemic has advanced consumer engagement with online grocery by between 5 – 10 years, and although online orders still only account for about 10% of the overall mix, the phenomenal growth rates experienced by retailers over the past year are likely to tip the balance on the most widely adopted fulfilment model.

What Do You Need To Do To Get In Shape To Join The Military?

Traditionally speaking, this time of year isn’t great for anyone’s fitness personal bests. We are all moving a little slower, trying to shift from the holiday spirit into the shape we know we can be when we are working at our peak. But one thing January has got going for it is that this is the time when we start working towards our goals, towards making the big changes for the better in our lives. For many of us, that means living healthier, working harder and taking our fitness and health more seriously.


The Three Big Mistakes That Salespeople Make and How To Avoid Them

There’s always some level of uncertainty in the world of sales but external changes can make it challenging to know where to focus, what to do and what not to do. Neil Rackham, author of SPIN® Selling, consultant, academic and founder of Huthwaite International, discusses the three big mistakes that salespeople make when times are hard and how to avoid them.

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Rewarding Your Staff Even When Times Are Tough

There are many reasons why rewarding our staff at a time like this is more difficult, whether it’s a reduction in sales, which means we have fewer funds to spend, or because we are trying to revolutionise the way we run our business, and don’t have time. But if you want to have a workforce that is keen to work for you, and are going to help you with implementing the changes, then you need to consider rewarding your staff even though times are tough. Here are a few ideas on how you are able to do this and have a workforce behind you all the way.


How to Avoid COVID-19 Business Scams

COVID-19 has left the world in disarray. With fluctuating cases and schools and businesses reopening just to shut down again, the future is uncertain. These transitions, though, have put an emphasis on using technology. Whether it’s working from home or shopping online, people need the internet more than ever. As more and more people turn to tech, scams are on the rise. Business scams, especially, are necessary to identify and avoid. For the duration of the pandemic, these scams are likely to stick around.