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Latest stories across the Asia Pacific region.
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While Indonesia has been getting some interest from foreign investors over the last few years, it is still not the easiest country in the APAC to do business. Starting a business here can be tough, as is reflected in the country’s World Bank Doing Business rankings. There are many obstacles
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Despite Brexit, the UK remains a viable opportunity for Asian companies, as it has a diverse corporate landscape and quality distribution channels. The country also offers businesses the chance to branch out geographically. For Asian businesses looking to open a UK branch, the pandemic has made things difficult. There are
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Whether you're starting a new business or trying to get your current operation off the ground, it's essential to look at your expenses and create a budget. There are the obvious costs to consider — employee salaries, rent, utilities. However, what are some of the less-obvious expenses to keep in
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Healix International provides an insight into the current risks for business travellers and offers tips for firms sending employees to the region.
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Are you planning to start a business in Singapore? If so, then you're on the right page. Singapore is not only a technology hub but also boasts one of the friendliest and most welcoming citizens. In this piece, we're going to show you the top 5 Business trends to follow
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What are the questions that Hawksford suggests every business considering market entry into Asia should consider, to ensure they find an ideal home today and in the future.
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Businesses attribute the growth to sales, and for businesses to continuously grow, they need a constant supply of clients and leads. This is easier said than done since clients now have the attention span of a few seconds.
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KORNERSTONE Institute is a renowned professional training provider in Asia. Recently, the firm found success in APAC Insider's APAC Excellence 2019 Awards where they were selected as the Leading Professional Training Provider 2019 - Hong Kong. Following this win, we profile the firm to discover more about the training solutions
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The Fournaise Marketing Group ("Fournaise") is one of the world's leading Marketing Effectiveness Tracking & Boosting (METB) companies. Using its proprietary METB technology and models Fournaise has over the last 15 years tracked and boosted the effectiveness of more than 2.5 million marketing strategies, products, programs, campaigns & ads, across
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Founded in November 2011, Magnetic Alliance is a boutique firm that provides business development and improvement services to entrepreneurs across Australia. In January, Magnetic Alliance was recognised in APAC Insider Magazine's ongoing annual Business Excellence programme as Australia's Leading Firm for Business Growth and Development for 2019. On the back
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Since 1984, IPA has provided vital recruitment and labour hire services to SMEs and multinationals alike across Australia. Where others have faltered over the years, IPA has remained a consistent and highly regarded service that supports businesses across the country, fuelling growth and enhancing the lives of the people that
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The Asia-Pac market offers huge opportunity for the right business, but there are many considerations when launching into a new territory. Making sure your brand is relevant, that the business can be adapted to an international market and that you can handle cultural influencers are all key factors in the
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