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Articles 22nd December 2022

Arencibia Establishes Joint Venture With SK Materiald AiPlus To Expand Bulk Gas Recycling Throughout Asia

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New Company to Address Cost and Shortages of Helium and Rare Gases, Particularly in Semiconductor Supply Chain

On Friday, December 16, 2022, SK materials airplus CEO, Jong-jin Oh, and Arencibia CEO, Brent T. Frissora, joined hands at SK materials headquarters in Seoul, Korea to announce a joint venture focused on the construction and operation of bulk gas recycling systems for Asia’s largest manufacturers in the silicon, semiconductor, aerospace, metals, and other critical supply chains.

The joint venture will be the first business in Asia to focus exclusively on the design, engineering, construction, and operation of bulk gas recovery systems, particularly those focused on recovering expensive process gases like helium, neon, and other rare gases that are used in mission critical manufacturing operations. Arencibia will be responsible for the recovery process and design, while SK materials airplus will oversee operations and commercial functions, including sales and marketing.

Asia’s largest manufacturers are facing significant instability in their supply chains due to geopolitical risks, as well as dramatic price fluctuations and availability restrictions in the supply of bulk gases. This supply chain instability creates ripple effects throughout their production operation and commercial business.

By recycling process gases on-site for Asia’s largest manufacturers, the joint venture will provide unprecedented cost decreases, as well as supply chain security and reliability, not to mention dramatic reductions in the energy and carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. This will enable Asia’s largest manufacturers to increase their competitiveness, secure their supply chain, and reduce their impact on the environment – in short, to future-proof their manufacturing operation.

“Given the precarious supply and price fluctuation of rare gases, upcycling is the best solution for steady growth,” said Mr. Oh, CEO of SK materials airplus. “Through close cooperation with Arencibia, we will lead the upcycling business in Korea and Asia and shape the net-zero trend.”

“Arencibia is the only company exclusively devoted to designing, building and operating custom industrial gas recovery systems for the world’s largest manufacturers,” said Mr. Frissora, CEO of Arencibia. “Manufacturing industries, particularly in silicon, semiconductor, aerospace and metals, face unprecedented challenges related to industrial gas availability and cost, as well as reducing their environmental impact. We are honored and humbled to partner with SK to help Asia’s leading manufacturers reduce both their costs and carbon footprint. By combining our unique technology with SK’s tremendous scale, experience and vision, this new company will accelerate Asia’s transition to a low carbon economy.”

SK materials airplus issued a press release on Monday announcing the joint venture, which has been covered by over 20 major media outlets in Korea as of the date of this release.