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Articles 15th March 2023

6 Video Marketing Benefits for Growing Your Business

Videos are not only the content strategist’s darling; they’re a marketer’s delight. This is to be expected as the video streaming market in the Asia-Pacific region is estimated to grow at a 21.8% annual rate.

Businesses globally are beginning to see the importance of video in marketing. Beyond the quality of being more appealing and memorable than its text counterpart, videos are now seen as an effective tool in e-marketing. This article highlights what video marketing is and how it helps grow your business.

What is video marketing

Video marketing involves using video content to inform your audience about your product, service or brand. It is the promotion of your business through videos. Videos are used as a marketing tool on websites, social media and other channels. They are one of the ways to maximize and make your business stand out.

The role of audio to text transcription in video marketing

When you transcribe audio to text in your videos, you improve your users’ overall engagement and experience. Assimilation is enhanced when people listen, watch and read at the same time. Also, they can remember the information better than when they only listen or watch.

6 ways video marketing can grow your business

Making video a fundamental part of your marketing strategies has many benefits. Five of them are listed below.

SEO boosting

Videos make your website rank higher in searches. The reason is simple – the longer people stay on your site, the higher your site ranks. Guess which form of content people spend the longest time on? Your guess is correct. Videos are more engaging; therefore, people spend more time watching them. The more your search engine optimization is enhanced, the more growth you experience in your business.

More effective marketing campaigns

Your marketing campaigns produce better results when you use videos. With the increase in online video growth in Asian Pacific countries, many more prospects can be reached through videos. If you fail to adopt videos as a marketing strategy, you will lose a lot of customers and prospects.

Improved customer-brand relationship

Your relationship with your customers and prospects is important to business growth. When you cultivate this relationship consistently, you get great dividends. Using videos as part of your marketing campaign allows you to achieve this goal. The longer your customers and prospects spend taking in your content through videos, the more they know, like and trust your brand.

Another benefit of having a vibrant customer relationship is increased customer retention. The trust you get from connecting with your customers via videos makes them willing to keep buying from you. For prospects, your videos make them want to patronize you. All these advantages help you maximize business growth.

Higher chance of influencing buying decisions

Since videos are more appealing and engaging, they stand a better chance of influencing buying decisions than other forms of content. Videos are often short, concise and pleasurable. These are all the ingredients needed to put your audience in a receptive mood. In that brief moment of delight, there is a higher likelihood that a decision will be made in your favor.

Enhanced brand perception

Videos are getting more popular, especially with modern features like Live, Reels and Stories on famous platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Aside from connecting with users on these platforms with videos, you’re positioning your brand as contemporary and trendy. This improves your brand perception considerably. Your audience views you as current and forward moving, which eventually leads to growth for your business.

Increased revenue

The endgame of marketing efforts is to make money. It matters not how elaborate and expensive your marketing campaign is; it’s all a waste if it doesn’t lead to increased revenue. Making videos part of your strategies is a way of working smart instead of hard. When videos are made and deployed correctly, improved revenue is one of the dividends.

Make videos part of your marketing strategies for rapid business growth

If you’ve been experiencing slow growth in your business, take a closer look at your marketing strategy. Without videos, you’re missing out on benefits like SEO boosting, effective marketing campaigns, enhanced customer-brand relationship, higher chance of influencing buyer decision and improved revenue. 

Moyofade Ipadeola is a Content Strategist, UX Writer and Editor. Witty, she loves personal development and helping people grow.