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Articles 15th December 2020

5 Affordable CRM Solutions for Small Business

After your business establishes customer relationships, you have to maintain them for long term success. Storing this information may require a customer relationship management (CRM) system that keeps everything organized. Instead of storing customer information in a notebook full of hastily scribbled thoughts, you can use any of these five affordable CRM solutions for small businesses.

With the help of CRM software, you’ll keep your customers’ information and preferences in a centralized digital location. Your team can refer to this information to build consumer loyalty and welcome future business opportunities, all without requiring a big budget or IT knowledge.


1. Nimble CRM Program ($19/Month)

Establishing a social media presence is an instant way to connect with current and potential customers. They’ll find your website through a quick internet search and browse your profiles to see what your business does and if people have left positive reviews.

Nimble makes it easy to organize your contacts and talk with customers. Your team can access every social media profile you’ve created and operate them from the same place. It also integrates with Office 365 and G Suite, so every social media message from your followers goes directly to your inbox.


2. HubSpot Free CRM

HubSpot exists to make it easy for small business owners to operate everything through one program. Their free software compiles emails and meeting schedules while hosting a live chat with your customers. It’s suitable for new businesses because it introduces all the aspects of CRM that generate growth and new contacts.


3. Simple Sales Tracking ($15/Month)

New businesses can try Simple Sales Tracking with a free trial that grants access to every software feature. Your entire team can use it to track sales and make data portable so you can easily download information relevant to client calls or concerns. When you’re not using Simple Sales Tracking to assign and monitor sales, your business will benefit from the automatic data backup and 3rd party integrations.


4. Vtiger CRM Solution ($30/Month)

New small businesses and even those planning to become bigger can use Vtiger as their cloud-based CRM solution. The interface allows anyone to build emails and interact with customers through a personalized web portal. It scores leads and includes task management features, so your team consolidates their work and learns how to improve.


5. Zoho CRM Tool ($12/Month)

Zoho provides numerous customization options for small business owners who only want to pay for what they need. Their starting tier provides a document library and dashboards to review reports. You can send mass emails to clients and store up to 100,000 records. Play around with the custom views, page layouts and modules to improve your customer support and figure out what works best for your needs.


Reflect on Your Business

There are many affordable CRM solutions for small businesses that all offer something different. Reflect on your business to decide what it needs most. Whether you want to give clients a better way to communicate with your team or make your data portable, you’ll find a CRM solution that advances your operations.