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Business Success Stories 12th March 2019

Redefining Best Practices in the Food and Baking Industries

Redefining Best Practices in the Food and Baking Industries

Redefining Best Practices in the Food and Baking Industries

Revolution and improvement defines Morris Cookies, as they look to establish better practices in the food and baking industries. In January, the company were awarded the title of ‘Most Outstanding Baking Solutions’ in APAC Insider Magazine’s 2019 APAC Excellence programme. Morris took some time out of his busy schedule to talk us through the company and its impressive operational work ethic.

Specialising in chemical free products, Morris Cookies feels very modern in its sensibilities. In an age where people are moving towards more active, healthier lifestyles, Morris Cookies offers a viable food alternative that truly places their customer’s health at the centre of their business and product line. With no preservatives, no food colouring, and extensive testing, Morris Cookies have aimed for nothing less than innovation, driving the industry forwards towards a better, more ethical future.

Here, Morris offers more insight into his company: “Morris Cookies are truly moving ahead with a mindset towards revolution and evolution, directing the baking industry towards a new era of organic, additive free ingredients. That is our core philosophy. As such, we also work closely with Fair Trade or Fair Choice farmers in South America. We specialise in producing products in three main food groups; cookies, cakes and desserts. These three product types are notorious for being some of the most polluted in the baking industry, so we created new recipes as well as transforming traditional recipes to improve them. This process took over five years of R&D, and since then Morris Cookies have developed over a thousand new products under its vision.”

“Great food cannot just be tasty, it has to be healthy too. Our main mission is to bring the highest quality, and healthiest, products to as many people as possible.”

This ethical ethos forms the very foundation of Morris Cookies, and moves beyond the mere creation of their products. Currently, 15% of their sales are allocated to the “Food Bank Society Program”, and the “Hong Chi Association” and “The HUB Hong Kong”, with further plans to create charitable partnerships in every country that Morris Cookies are sold.

In his closing comments, Morris discusses the company’s plans over the coming year. “Morris Cookies aims to be ‘plastic-free’ in all our packaging by the end of March 2019. We plan to stay ahead of emerging developments in the industry by strictly abiding to ‘EU Top 14 Freefrom‘ laws, and providing low GI, low carb, vegan, organic and fair-trade products across the world.”

Company: Morris Cookies (Asia) Limited
Address: G/F, No.33 Luen Cheong Street, Hong Kong, 999077
Telephone: +85253242411