How is 5G Changing the Landscape of Doing Business?

During the annual Mobile World Congress that was held early this year, 5G technology was among the hottest topics that participants discussed at great length. Network providers across the world- from the United States to Kenya, and from China to Britain- are already educating consumers about the numerous benefits that 5G technology has to offer. The benefits range from faster download speeds to enhanced support for self-driving vehicles, among others.

Fifth Generation network infrastructure can be placed in buildings, streets and many other locations, courtesy of the number as well as the size of small cells that power it. The technology is, without doubt, turning out to be the biggest game changer in the telecommunication industry.

Most of the leading network providers across the world have by now announced grand plans for the revolutionary 5G networks. In the United States, for instance, giant telecommunication companies such as Verizon, Sprint and AT & T have already made known their plans regarding Fifth Generation networks. American Tower and other leading service providers are already rolling out infrastructure to support this endeavor.

A good example is Smart Pole- an exciting street level product by American Tower that seeks to enhance its footprint from about 60,000 telecommunication towers to more than 150,000 Smart Poles with the ability to support next-generation 5G networks.

The possible disruption will extend beyond the current ability for users to live- stream movies on their smartphones. 5G is already causing a global technological revolution, and it is undoubtedly changing the landscape of doing business. China is the leading country to adapt to this technology and is way ahead of the race, that’s why it is important to understand different ways of doing business in China . It is presenting exciting opportunities for investors and end-users, and the opportunities may last for several years.


How is 5G changing the landscape of doing business?

The technology is presenting exciting opportunities to players in the telecommunication industry. Telecommunication companies, popularly known as cell tower REITs, are reaping the greatest benefits from this technological revolution since they own multiple cell towers and also lease space to network providers.

The emergence of Smart-City- infrastructure is already offering exhilarating new revenue opportunities. Businesses that seek to venture into new markets have already started laying strategies of monetizing the side-walk. Additionally, cities will seek to minimize operational costs by finding ways of making money out of smart infrastructure.

Every day, it is becoming more difficult for already-established giants in the telecommunication industry to cling to their market share. Start-ups are already trying to come up with ways of disrupting the lucrative telecoms market. Network providers and companies that offer assorted internet products and services are opting to set up independent 5G networks rather than lease space from cell tower REITs.

There will be a significant increase in demand for solar panels and other devices if the Fifth Generation networks get powered by solar. As a result, manufacturers of assorted solar products will rake in millions of revenue and profits. The energy requirement for most devices is low, so they can be effectively powered by solar energy.

There must be proper management of devices for 5G networks to be reliable. There must be an effective way of managing and keeping eyes on wireless Fifth Generation infrastructure, thanks to the production of thousands of devices that support 5G. This will provide exciting business opportunities for SaaS cloud computing companies to offer automated services powered by Artificial Intelligence, which can manage 5G networks and also millions of Internet-of-Things devices that the innovative technology will undoubtedly provide the groundwork for.

5G networks will offer people and businesses from across the world greater access to the vibrant digital economy. As a result, millions of opportunities will emerge in industries that boast of the ever-increasing number of job opportunities. By getting rid of the infrastructure barrier, SMEs will have the liberty of moving to less urbanized locations where they can get access to cheaper and readily available factors of production such as land, labor, and capital.

Fifth Generation technology has the potential of enhancing service provision in rural areas by encouraging service providers to integrate smart technology into their infrastructure. For instance, street lamps can be powered by solar energy and then monitored for outages and other issues through 5G networks.


Why businesses should buy VPN

5G is, without doubt, revolutionizing the business landscape across the world. The technology is presenting numerous potential benefits to individuals as well as businesses. However, there are several downsides of adopting 5G technology. To fully take advantage of the many benefits that it has to offer and at the same time minimize potential risks, it’s advisable to use a VPN.

Virtual Private Network is an effective and efficient way of connecting different networks distinct from the internet. VPN makes use of assorted security protocols that enable authentic, secure and confidential transmission of data.

Businesses that buy VPN enjoy a wide range of benefits. They include enhanced security, ability to bypass geo-restrictions, remote access, anonymous browsing of the internet and reduced operational costs as well.