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Articles 25th September 2019

Halton Group expanding its factory operations in China


Halton Group expanding its factory operations in China

Halton Shanghai’s new factory

Halton has opened a new production unit of about 7,500 sq. meters close to their existing factory, with a floor area of 3,000 sq. meters, in the Lingang area, in Shanghai. The manufacture of Halton’s professional kitchen solutions such as kitchen hoods, ventilated ceilings and pollution control systems will transfer from the existing factory to the new one.

The former will focus on the manufacture of solutions provided by Halton’s other business units for the Chinese and Asian markets, such as Halton Marine’s fire dampers and demisters and Halton Health’s laboratory solutions. With the new factory, Halton aims at doubling its sales in China by 2025.

Halton has been expanding its operations steadily in China since 2005 when it opened its first manufacturing operation in the country. The current factory was opened in 2010 and it hosts one of Halton’s seven R&D centres, Halton Innovation Hubs. The Hub is planned to be moved to the new factory premises during 2020.

“The Chinese and Asian markets are huge and there is strong demand for pollution control systems aimed at professional kitchens, for instance, as well as for high-quality indoor environment solutions. Besides restaurant market, we see interesting opportunities in the corporate catering sector,” says Georges Gaspar, Director of Halton Foodservice.

Halton Shanghai Showroom

The new factory facility already hosts a new show room demonstrating Halton’s commercial kitchen solutions such as the mobile cooking station, Halton MobiChef, pollution control system, Halton PolluStop, and the demand-based ventilation control system, Halton M.A.R.V.E.L, as well as the ventilated ceiling and different hood technologies, such as the Halton Capture Jet.

”It is important to us that we can demonstrate our technologies and to develop them close to our customers, and also together with them. It is important to our customers that we can offer them state-of-the-art solutions that also comply with the local market requirements.” Mr Gaspar says.

Halton has approximately 110 employees in China, 60 of which work in factory operations in the new production unit and 30 employees in the old one. The remaining staff is involved in the sales or administration.

The new factory was inaugurated on Friday, 20 September 2019 and the premises are now in full operation.

Halton’s operations in China focus on professional kitchens and restaurants, ships, energy production environments and industrial segments, as well as on laboratories and high-class offices and work spaces.

Halton’s products and solutions are exported from China to different parts of Asia, including Japan, South Korea and India.