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Business Success Stories 15th July 2019

Best Seafarer Manning Agency – Philippines

Best Seafarer Manning Agency - Philippines

Best Seafarer Manning Agency – Philippines: Southfield Agencies, Inc.

Southfield Agencies, Inc. is an innovative seafarer manning specialist dedicated to providing quality support to a variety of clients based around the world. We profile the firm to find out more.

When it was established in 1993 as licensed manning company by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Southfield was tasked to provide crew to its parent company, Southwest Maritime Corp. of Manila, which had acquired LPG Carriers, and to Patt Manfield & Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong for their Open Hatch (Gantry Crane) Carriers.

Over the past 24 years, Southfield has grown to handle 23 principals from different countries with more than 240 vessels employing more than 7,000 crew per year.

Seeking to constantly offer an exceptional standard of service, the company is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of the pool of officers and crew. This is an ongoing commitment that requires systematic and sustained effort from the manning company, the customer, and the company’s seafarers. This is done by providing sustained investments in seafarer education and development and in continuous improvement of our processes.

“Southfield Agencies, Inc. is seeking to offer an exceptional standard of service, and this will help drive the firm to even greater efficiency and excellence over the coming years.”

Offering clients peace of mind that they are in safe and reliable hands, Southfield is ISO 9001:2015 certified by American Bureau of Shipping and is accredited by Bureau Veritas as compliant to Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2006). The company has an active and dedicated quality assurance team, and an I.T. Department that maintains the efficiency of a wide area network that links the firm’s teams on the ground with their principals, and allows them to remotely access a searchable data bank of crew certificates, and service and training records while implementing updates for improvements.

Alongside its dedication to providing quality support to its teams and clients, Southfield is also deeply committed to driving innovation and efficiency by using the latest, cuttingedge technological solutions. As part of this focus, the firm has developed its own Crew Management and Payroll Systems, named ClearView, which uses the latest cloud technology from Amazon Web Services.

Designed to integrate every aspect of the firm’s administration into one place, ClearView includes Crew Document Management, Crew Planning and Training, Crew Evaluations, Payroll, and many more key functionalities. ClearView’s architecture is simple and elegant and designed for future innovations.

Looking to the future, as part of its quest for continued excellence Southfield will be constantly searching for new tools and approaches that will add value to their seafarers. The firm is also looking to innovate and diversify to other outsourced services that leverage on its existing human resource, education and technology infrastructure.

Contact Details:
Company: Southfield Agencies, Inc.
Name: Reuben C. Romero, President
Address: 2115 Madre Ignacia St., Malate, Manila, 1004 Philippines
Telephone Number: (+632) 304 1888
Email: [email protected]