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Etienne Lawyers are a commercial law firm based out of Sydney, Australia. Earlier this year, the firm’s Owner, Steven Brown, was named as the Leading Patent and Trademark Attorney of the Year in APAC Insider Magazine’s 2018 Business Excellence Awards. On the back of this success, we took a look at Etienne’s record of success to find out how they have forged their impressive reputation in the region.

Steven Brown is an expert in corporate law who understands the basic requirements of a businessowner in the modern world. He understands that dense legal jargon, and lengthy delays are symptoms of firms stuck in the traditional practices of the past. In many ways, Etienne represents the future of the legal industry, providing fast, reliable, practical and professional advice that distinguishes them from the crowd and the competition.

By all regards, Steven – and Etienne Lawyers by extension – have a long record of providing comprehensive legal services to businesses of all sizes – from the smallest of single office firms, to the largest of conglomerates. This has granted him an expertise in the every day, and unusual, legal demands of business owners, regardless of their sector, industry or field. Further, Etienne stands out through a dedicated, practical approach to service provision, going above and beyond to guarantee that, through their services, their client’s businesses will be more successful, and their business lives, easier.

The firm’s glittering testimonials speak volumes about Etienne’s dedication to improving their client’s lives. Hard-working, knowledgeable, and loyal, they have swiftly made a mark on an industry which demands only the best, striving constantly for perfection. It’s a standard that few can reach, though Etienne seems to reach with little effort – only a steadfast commitment to serving their client’s best interests, fighting for their rights and in their corner.

The Asia-Pacific has always had a notoriously competitive legal sector; as a region of impressive economic growth, experts in corporate law will be in demand for quite some time as businesses look to protect their assets or capitalise on opportunities for growth. As such, it is difficult for large firms to distinguish themselves as leading practitioners. Ultimately, this plays to Etienne’s core strengths. They provide expert advice without pretence, offering transparent, professional and swift services that are tailor made to their clients. For this, and for many reasons besides, Steven Brown and Etienne Lawyers were spotlighted by APAC Insider Magazine as the Leading Patent and Trademark Attorney of the Year.

Company: Etienne Lawyers

Address: Level 57, MLC Centre, Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


Telephone: +61 2 8845 2400