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Sydney Criminal Lawyers is comprised of some of the finest, and most experienced, criminal lawyers in New South Wales. Earlier this year, as part of the ongoing 2018 APAC Excellence Awards programme, Sydney Criminal Lawyers were awarded the title of ‘Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year’. Following this achievement, we profiled the firm to find out more about how they have become the pace-setters in a notoriously competitive, and challenging, legal arena.

To put it simply, Sydney Criminal Lawyers have forged a reputation as one of the finest legal firms in Australia. Through their expert practitioners, they have become renowned for their ‘best-in-class’ advocacy, and their diligence in difficult cases. As a firm with a multitude of accolades speaking as testament to their substantial ability, they have become the go-to pace-setters leading the way for others to follow in their footsteps. Indeed, since their establishment in 2001, they have accumulated hundreds of exemplary testimonials and reviews from clients and peers alike.

By all regards, the firm’s Principal, Ugur Nedim, leads Sydney Criminal Lawyers from the front; a dedicated lawyer with 4000+ local court cases over his twenty-six-year career, he now focuses entirely on serious and complex criminal cases, with an emphasis on corporate crime, large-scale fraud, and murder/manslaughter cases.

This impeccable standard for excellence is carried over the entire senior leadership team, from Senior Associates, Avinash Singh and Fouad Awada, to Associate Jimmy Singh. As a whole, the firm specialises in criminal law with a remarkable history of success with traffic and drug offences, bail applications, fraud, assault and driving licence appeals, among many others.

Worthy of note, is their ability to mould their talents and honed skill to fit the needs of their diverse clientele. To aid this, they have lawyers who speak Greek, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish, Udu, Farsi, Arabic and Vietnamese alongside an in-house Mandarin interpreter. They are, from the outset, a firm that cherishes their multi-national roots, knowing it helps them to provide the best possible service to their clients.

All of this, and much more besides, has helped them create a truly incredible presence in the region. They are, by any and all considerations, well-deserving of being awarded in the APAC Excellence programme as the Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year.

Company: Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Address: Museum Towers, Suite 507, Level 5, 267 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


Telephone: +61 (0) 29261 8881