At the Forefront of the Fashion Industry

Lena Kasparian is considered, by many, to be the face of a new movement in Australian high-fashion. Her latest couture collection speaks of a simple elegance that is evocative of the 1920s, an era of striking statement pieces. Recently we spoke to Lena who took a moment out of her busy schedule to talk us through her design inspirations.

For the last four years, Lena Kasparian has been defining the Australian fashion industry with her eclectic, and unique, sense of style. From the effortless sophistication of the 1920s and 50s, to the heights of high fashion, her collections explore the industry’s history, present and future. For Lena, the priority lies in designing functional, and yet undeniably beautiful, garments for both men and women.

Lena considered this a fundamental aspect of her success in what is, by all regards, an incredibly competitive industry: “Competition in the fashion industry keeps us on our toes. Ultimately, designing garments that are aesthetically sound and of high quality is incredibly important for my label. Our mission is to provide clients with an exceptional product and service.”

“My style is unique and original. We have our copycats but, I consider it a compliment. It shows that I have created something that others like and want to imitate.”

It’s clear from the outset that Lena’s work is the result of a deep, almost intrinsic passion for the industry. Where others earnestly try to keep up with the ephemeral, she grounds herself in the timeless, and the classic. “I try not to follow trends as they come and go, as deviation from our core aesthetic can potentially destroy the label. I stay true to my ideas and concepts and create my own trends.”

Fashion is the essence, whether we realise it or not it is part of our daily lives.

In this, Lena sets her own path, choosing to perfect her vision over clamouring to keep pace with others. It’s a refreshing tonic and acts to distinguish her work from countless others. Lena takes a moment to emphasise this point, “fashion evolves, and creating new designs and concepts is challenging. So, I maintain classic lines that don’t date.”

Working predominantly in the Asia-Pacific region, Lena highlights the difficulties of building a reputation in the sector, “being recognised is hard work, but over time, through the use of social networks, media and good old-fashioned word of mouth, the effort will pay off.”

Coming to the end of the interview, Lena reveals her plans for the future of her label, “I would like to expand and potentially open more boutiques. The goal is to build up a broader, international client base.”

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