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Business News 6th February 2017

Scania Expands Operations in Thailand

Scania Expands Operations in Thailand

Scania Expands Operations in Thailand

Scania has identified Thailand as one of the key markets in Asia and is expanding its industrial and commercial presence in the country. A new assembly facility for trucks and bus chassis as well as a manufacturing facility for truck cabs will be established in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, including staff for production, logistics and purchasing as well as research and development. The total investment is EUR 21.2 million and operations are scheduled to start in 2018.

In addition, regional headquarters will be established in Thailand to support Scania’s distributors in Asia and Oceania in developing business in their markets.

“The new establishment will bring all industrial and commercial functions in Scania even closer to our customers in Asia in general and in Thailand in particular,” says Ted Göransson, Project Director for the new establishment. “By increasing our local presence we will be able to quickly respond to customers’ demands and make sure that we provide the best transport solution for each customer.”

The establishment is a part of Scania’s strategic focus on Thailand and complements the already announced expansion of Scania’s service network in the country from currently 10 workshops to 18 workshops in 2019.

For further information, please contact:

Ted Göransson,
Project Director
Phone. + 66 632-162-298
E-post: [email protected]