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Finance & Investment 4th March 2016

Delaware Investments Announces the Availability of Delaware Asia Select Fund

Delaware Investments Announces the Availability of Delaware Asia Select Fund

Delaware Investments Announces the Availability of Delaware Asia Select Fund

Macquarie Group’s Delaware Investments is pleased to announce the broad availability of Delaware Asia Select Fund (DMSIX), an all-cap fund that offers clients a conservative approach to equity exposure in Asian markets in ways that attempt to capitalize on secular growth. The Fund seeks long term capital appreciation and primarily invests in equity securities of companies with exposure to one or more countries in Asia (excluding Japan), which may include developed, emerging, and frontier countries.

Macquarie Group’s Asian Listed Equities team, which has been managing Asian equities on the ground in Hong Kong since 2008 and is sub-advising the Fund, employs an investment philosophy that focuses on drivers of domestic demand and local consumption growth, and emphasizes strong corporate governance, which the team believes is directly correlated to financial performance and investment returns.

“Asia’s recent market volatility has reverberated across the globe, but we believe there are significant growth opportunities that can be exploited with the right investment discipline,” said Sam Le Cornu, co-head of the Asian Listed Equities team and head of investments. “For individual investors who are looking for growth, we believe Asia is still an important place to be.”

The portfolio managers for the Fund include Le Cornu; John Bugg, co-head of the team and head of research; and Duke Lo, and have averaged more than 13 years of experience. The team is comprised of 13 investment professionals and has worked together for more than seven years.

“The launch of the Fund provides investors with access to the biggest market in the world,” said Bugg. “Asia can be very unpredictable, which is why we believe our investment process can be a more prudent way for clients to capitalize on simple businesses with high client demand that are easy to understand and have growth potential.”

“At the end of the day, we want to provide a wide variety of investment opportunities to our clients,” said Brett Wright, head of third-party distribution, Delaware Investments. “By leveraging the expertise of this seasoned Macquarie team, we are able to offer clients access to undervalued, potentially alpha-generating equities in the Asian market.”