Established in 1968 ONDA TECHNO is a full service intellectual property firm supporting clients around the world from its offices in Gifu (a suburb of Nagoya), Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, and Taipei.
The firm has extensive experience in IP prosecution and litigation, which is highlighted by the fact that it was ranked number four for total patent filings (published patents) at the JPO for 2015.
As his opening comment Makoto discusses his firm’s service offering and the means by which it provides the very highest standard of service to clients.

“ONDA TECHNO is one of the top firms in Japan not only for patents but also for total design filings at the JPO. We have filed approximately 15,000 design applications and 2,000 responses to office actions since the establishment of our firm. Our clients appreciate our strategy for obtaining the broadest design protection possible and for establishing a strong design portfolio.

“As a firm we have 280 employees including 34 patent attorneys, two US patent attorneys, seven Chinese patent attorneys, and over 100 patent engineers in Japan that serve numerous clients worldwide with patent, design, trademark, and search services. We are staffed with highly educated engineers and legal staff. This combination allows us to provide fast, efficient and cost effective service. Further, we have a patent attorney dedicated to search, a qualified search staff, and in-house translators and drawing staff. Thus, we have a great deal of control over the quality of our services, translations, and drawings.” Over the years the firm has changed the face of the Asian legal industry, acting as pioneers in a number of areas, as Makoto emphasises.

“ONDA TECHNO was the first Japanese IP firm to establish offices in China and Taiwan. With our offices in Japan, Shanghai and Taipei, we provide our clients with a one-stop shop for IP filings in all three countries. Upon request, we can file applications in China and Taiwan from our Shanghai and Taipei offices.

“Technology is another area in which we are always eager to innovate, and as such we have developed our own software for checking applications before filing with the JPO and for docketing systems and have prevented clerical errors by use of these systems.

“Our security measures include monitoring networks, recordation of operational logs, and restriction of access to our clients’ data. Since Japan is a quake-prone country, ONDA TECHNO regularly stores backed-up data at a remote location and is well prepared for unexpected problems and disasters.
“Further, our IT specialists routinely facilitate the transition to e-billing for our clients, and can accommodate a variety of e-billing systems including CounselLink, Tymetrix, Serengeti Tracker, Ascent, Collaborati and other systems. By being up to date with the very latest technology we are able to ensure that we always offer our clients the very best possible service, which according to our clients, is hard to find.”

By offering an unrivalled service the firm is able to achieve its mission, which Makoto discusses in detail. “Here at ONDA TECHNO our mission is to provide benefits to our clients by protecting their intellectual property. A patent is issued on excellent technology and brings benefits to our clients. We support our clients to obtain patents, trademarks and designs, and our clients appreciate our quality work. Our work results connect development of technology in the world. I believe that all our work supports today’s world, so I feel content and also feel that I am fortunate to work in the patent sector.”
Staff are also central to the firm’s success, and Makoto believes leadership and constant development are vital to the continued satisfaction of his workforce.

“At ONDA TECHNO we provide good service thanks to our skilled and dedicated employees. Our professionals provide the most suitable advice in order to add additional value. To keep up the skill of our engineers, we hold study meetings for both technology and law so that they are constantly improving their skills and enhancing their knowledge.

“As President I try to manage the company based on a philosophy of striving to keep of all our members happy both professionally and personally. It is our aim that all workers in our company can enjoy the working environment in our offices. To achieve one of our goals, being the nicest firm in the world, all workers have the service spirit to satisfy our clients’ needs. I also attend all job interviews personally in order to share our philosophy for running the company, and hire people who agree with our firm philosophy.

“Alongside this all members attend morning meetings that are held every Monday and listen to speeches from the president and the chairman. Members in other offices also attend the meeting via our video conference system. In this way, we share information about our clients, how to avoid mistakes, circumstances and direction of the firm management, results of our work, how we should work for our clients’ satisfaction, and so on, and we therefore follow the same high standard. We also recite our credo at the beginning of the Monday morning meeting. Further, we read our firm philosophy book, in which numerous examples of the way of work are introduced, with group members from time to time in order to keep the basic standards in mind.”

Currently the Japanese IP market is facing a number of changes which will provide Makoto and his firm with a number of opportunities, as he explains. “Since manufacturing bases have shifted to other Asian countries, the number of orders for filing patent applications has been reduced. On the other hand, manufacturing bases are coming back to Japan due to the possibility of elevating labor costs in Asia, the high reputation for safe products made in Japan, and so on. Thus, I believe that Japan is an important country as a manufacturing base and also has a strong market which will help the overall industry and increase the opportunities for growth for firms such as ours.”

Looking ahead, Makoto is eager to outline his plans for the future of the firm and the areas he would like it to expand into. “Moving forward, I would like to continue our activities supporting IP protection in East Asia through the work for Seven Seas IP Group. I would especially like to concentrate on the development of our Chinese and Taiwanese offices. Further, I would like to expand our support to clients by establishing a good relationship with agents in ASEAN countries. These aims will provide us with numerous exciting opportunities which we look forward to taking advantage of.”

Company: ONDA TECHNO Intl. Patent Attys.
Address: 12-1, Omiya-cho 2-chome, Gifu city, 5008731, Japan
Phone: 81-58-265-9124 Fax: 81-58-266-8069