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APAC INSIDER ISSUE 29th September 2016

APAC Insider September 2016

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APAC Insider September 2016

APAC Insider September 2016 Issue

Welcome to the September edition of APAC Insider Magazine.

In this issue, we provide you with the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region.

Firstly, we round up all the news from the APAC region including Tracey Adam’s appointment to the regional head of APAC COLLINE, the planned expansion to the property industry in Saudi Arabia and the development of Mellanox Technologies in the Asia Pacific area.

Technology is a big area of growth in the Asia Pacific region. We look at the e-commerce market in South Asia, which looks to surpass $25 billion by 2020. MYPINPAD continues its global expansion whilst ransomware has made its way through the region, threatening cyber security.

In addition, there are features on financial technology including growth in fintech financing driven by China and a story regarding eight leading financial technology companies began a 12-week mentorship program in the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific.

Finally, we give you the up to date APAC deals.

We hope you enjoy this issue.