Gen Y & Baby Boomer Build $5M Firm

Buzinga App Development, Australia’s leading innovative app development company, reveal the secret behind their success: the combination of a Gen Y entrepreneurial mind with a seasoned Baby Boomer business developer.

In three years, Buzinga App Development, Australia’s leading app developer for both enterprise mobilisation and startup technology, has grown into a $5 million company. This Melbourne-based business has played a key part in releasing a number of innovative enterprise applications for companies including Bluescope Steel, as well as releasing two apps this year that have hit #1 on the Appstore for health and fitness, including FoodSwitch and That Sugar App.

Buzinga was founded by Logan Merrick, a 26-year-old entrepreneur and investor and Graham McCorkill, 58, an astute businessman with 30 years of experience in business development and management.

The partnership is a combination of Logan’s Gen Y ambition and  “Baby Boomer” Graham’s experience. The former possessing the creativity and drive for innovation, while the latter process driven and analytical, with the experience to steer the business towards success.

While many look to avoid such an age gap in business, this power duo attributes it as the key behind Buzinga’s success, as it positions their opposing strengths in a manner that forms a solid backbone for their operations.

“The synergy of an unconventional, yet exciting and empowering workplace is what we thrive on at Buzinga. We aim to be Australia’s best workplace by year 2017. We believe that through inspiring our people with education and by creating an environment where they love to be, we can generate more ideas, optimise performance and manufacture happiness. That’s how our team truly thrive in creativity, designing and managing innovative products that truly make a difference in the world,” explains Logan Merrick, Director of Buzinga.

Although fast in terms of most businesses, their success did not come overnight. “We began as a two-man operation working from home, sharing the same entrepreneurial passion. We spent the first 18 months ‘incubating’ the business in Graham’s lounge room until his wife promptly kicked us out,” laughs Logan.

Buzinga’s core specialisation is helping enterprises optimise efficiencies within their businesses through tech innovation, and helping startups build successful disruptive products in highly competitive markets.

“At the core of it all, we’re an incredibly creative, passionate and driven group of people at Buzinga, building an Intraprenueurial culture. There’s not a dull moment in our office, the energy of our millennials creates the buzz we thrive on and the solid plans and leadership of my business partner Graham pushes us forward. The key to building a multi-million dollar business in three years is really a combination of passion and drive,” reflects the young Director.