Connection on the APAC Stock Exchange

Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund, Inc. announces ability to invest through Stock Connect

Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund, Inc. has announced that it may invest in China A-shares through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program (“Stock Connect”). Stock Connect allows non-Chinese investors to purchase certain Shanghai Stock Exchange-listed equities via brokers in Hong Kong. Although Stock Connect is the first program allowing non-Chinese investors to trade Chinese equities without a license, purchases of securities through Stock Connect are subject to market-wide quota limitations, which may prevent the Fund from purchasing Stock Connect securities when it is otherwise advantageous to do so. Only certain China A-shares are eligible to be accessed through Stock Connect. Such securities may lose their eligibility at any time, in which case they could be sold but could no longer be purchased through Stock Connect.

Stock Connect is subject to regulation by both Hong Kong and China. There can be no assurance that further regulations will not affect the availability of securities in the program, the frequency of redemptions or other limitations. Stock Connect transactions are not covered by investor protection programs of either the Hong Kong or Shanghai Stock Exchanges, although any default by a Hong Kong broker should be subject to established Hong Kong law. In China, Stock Connect securities are held on behalf of ultimate investors by the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (HKSCC) as nominee. While Chinese regulators have affirmed that the ultimate investors hold a beneficial interest in Stock Connect securities, the law surrounding such rights is in its early stages and the mechanisms that beneficial owners may use to enforce their rights are untested and therefore pose uncertain risks. The Fund will not be able to vote in shareholders’ meetings except through HKSCC and will not be able to attend shareholders’ meetings. Stock Connect trades are settled in Renminbi (RMB), the Chinese currency, and investors must have timely access to a reliable supply of RMB in Hong Kong, which cannot be guaranteed.

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